The Multiplier - A brief outline

We know why you play - to win big. And one way of winning big is to make use of our Multiplier system that ensures that when you win, you win bigger than before.

So what is the Multiplier and how does it affect you? The Multiplier is an affordable addition to your entry that will effectively double, triple or quadruple your winnings in the event of you matching the required numbers on the various winning tiers of each lottery (excluding jackpot and second tier wins).

You can make use of the multiplier on the entry confirmation section of our website once you have selected your numbers, whether by Quickpick, Rapid Play or using the standard number selector. The system will display a drop-down menu alongside each of your selected entries. You can select a X2, X3 or a X4 multiplier, meaning your winnings will be multiplied by the factor selected, in the event of a win.

EuroMillions Lottery Multiplier

A EuroMillions Quickpick 5 entry with varying multipliers applied

Each lottery's Multiplier carries a different cost, meaning it will be slightly cheaper to apply the Multiplier to an Australian Powerball entry than e.g. a EuroMillions entry. It is important to note that the selection of a Multiplier on an individual product does not mean that Multiplier will be applied to the remaining entries in the transaction - each entry needs to be 'Multiplied' separately.

While the Multiplier will make your online lottery winnings far larger than they would have been, please bear in mind that this is a value-added service provided by, and as a result, the service excludes all jackpot and second tier wins.

If you have any further queries about the Multiplier and how it can increase your online lottery winnings, please contact Live Support by selecting the option on our home page.