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About Powerball Plus

Play Powerball Plus online

How to play Powerball Plus Lottery Online?

When it comes to exclusivity – Powerball lottery enthusiasts need look no further than Powerball Plus right here at

Powerball Plus is the bigger version of the US Powerball lottery. The only difference is, like the name suggests, is that it offers players the chance to win a much bigger jackpots!

Online lottery players have always enjoyed exclusive play opportunities for decades on, and by making sure you play Powerball Plus online, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance to win a life-changing jackpot.

The Powerball Plus winning numbers are based on the Powerball winning numbers, therefore, if you buy a Powerball Plus lottery ticket online and you match all 6 numbers that were drawn, you will be a multi-millionaire!

Make your American dream a reality by;

How to play Powerball Plus lotto tickets online
  • Registering on or signing into your account.
  • Once you have logged in, use one of our various safe and secure payment methods to deposit funds.
  • As soon as your funds reflect in your account, you will be ready to play the Powerball Plus lottery online.

To play the Powerball Plus lottery online, registered players need to;

  • Choose five (5) numbers from a pool of 69 possible numbers (white numbers) and;
  • One (1) number from 26 possible numbers (red Power balls)

Powerball Plus uses two machines to draw two sets of numbers, white numbers and the Power ball (bonus ball).

Online lottery players have two (2) options in which to buy Powerball Plus lottery tickets exclusively on The first play option is to play your own lucky Powerball Plus lottery numbers. The second play option is to play a Powerball Plus Quick Pick. In the Quick Pick method, is a random number generator used to choose your lucky Powerball Plus lottery numbers on your behalf.

Start your life of luxury by taking advantage of these incredible benefits when you play the Powerball Plus lottery online on;

  • By deciding to buy Powerball Plus tickets on, you will be able to play Powerball Plus from the comfort of your home, office or even on the go via our amazing mobile site.
  • You will also enjoy an increased level of security when you buy Powerball Plus tickets online on as your Powerball Plus lottery tickets are safely stored in your account and cannot be lost, damaged or stolen.

Immediately after the draw has taken place, your Powerball Plus lottery numbers will be automatically checked against the drawn winning numbers after every draw. If you won a prize, your account will be credited.

Powerball Plus lotto tickets online

What is a Powerball Plus Superdraw?

Even though the usual Powerball Plus jackpots are exceptionally high, Powerball Plus Superdraws will be announced from time to time – increasing the excitement on this incredibly exclusive lotto game even further.

Powerball Plus Superdraws do not rollover, which is why it’s so important to buy a Powerball Plus lottery ticket online on for these once-off draws.

All registered players on have an opportunity to play the Powerball Plus lottery online to stand a chance of winning incredible jackpot prizes.

The best way to make sure that you never miss the opportunity to buy a Powerball Plus lottery ticket for these lucrative Superdraws is to subscribe to our reminder mailers. Alternatively, check the website regularly.

The latest lotto results will be updated on the Powerball Plus results page immediately after the draw.

More Information about Powerball Plus:

What is the Powerball Plus Lottery?

The Powerball Plus lottery is a lottery that’s based on the US Powerball game. The only difference is that the Powerball Plus lottery offers you the chance to win much bigger jackpots. This exclusive lottery on gives you the chance to win life-changing jackpots if you buy a Powerball Lottery ticket online.

When to play the Powerball Plus Lottery online?

Powerball Plus is based on the US Powerball lottery, which means that the Powerball Plus also takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in Florida, USA, at 22:59 (ET). The winning numbers for the Powerball Plus draw are the same as on the regular US Powerball draws.

Can I play Powerball Plus from overseas?

The answer is a resounding yes! enables lottery enthusiasts from all over the world the opportunity to play Powerball Plus online with just a few clicks.

Browse our Powerball Plus Resource Centre for more information on playing the Powerball Plus lottery on

Is there an age restriction to play Powerball Plus online on

In order to play Powerball Plus online, players need to be 18 years or older.

How do I win the Powerball Plus Lottery Jackpot?

To win the Powerball Plus lottery jackpot you need to match the five (5) main numbers, including the Power Plus ball.

What is the Power Plus Ball?

The Power Plus ball on Powerball Plus is the bonus ball which is drawn from the second drum from a pool of 26 possible numbers.

The Powerball Plus Lottery Prize Table

Below is an idea of what you can win:

Matches Prize
Five (5) numbers + Powerball Jackpot
Five (5) numbers $500 000
Four (4) numbers + Powerball $25 000
Four (4) numbers $100
Three (3) numbers + Powerball $75
Three (3) numbers $7
Two (2) numbers + Powerball $7
One (1) number + Powerball $4
Powerball $2

The Powerball Plus Lottery Jackpot Pay-out Options

If you win the Powerball Plus lottery jackpot you will be given one (1) payout option. This is a lump-sum payout, pays out your winnings immediately.

Under exceptional circumstances, reserves the right to pay the winning Powerball Plus jackpot total in the form of an annuity payout.

How many times can the Powerball Plus jackpot roll over?

There is a nine (9) jackpot rollover cap on Powerball Plus. If after the 9th draw with no player matching all the winning Powerball Plus numbers, the prize is rolled down to the next winning prize tiers.

Online lotto tickets winners payments

What are my chances of winning the Powerball Plus Lottery?

Anyone who decides to buy a Powerball Plus lottery ticket exclusively at has a 1 in 25 chance to win a prize. The chance of winning the Powerball Plus jackpot is 1 in 292,201,338.

The chances of winning the Powerball Plus jackpot and other lottery prizes are shown below:

Matches Your chances of winning
All 5 numbers + Powerball 292,201,338 to 1
All 5 numbers 11,688,054 to 1
4 numbers + Powerball 913,130 to 1
4 numbers 36,525 to 1
3 numbers + Powerball 14,494 to 1
3 numbers 580 to 1
2 numbers + Powerball 701 to 1
1 number + Powerball 92 to 1
Powerball match 38 to 1

After winning the Powerball Plus with

If you’re dreaming of winning a seriously huge jackpot, we suggest you buy a Powerball Plus lottery exclusively on

While playing this incredible lotto game is exciting, imagine actually being notified via your Powerball Plus results mailer that you have won the jackpot?

Here is what you need to know;


What happens when I win the Powerball Plus jackpot with

From the minute you win a substantial prize on Powerball Plus, online lottery winners will be delighted to know that very little is required from the winner, as does all the work on your behalf. will immediately credit your account with your winnings.


How to claim your Powerball Plus lottery winnings with

After the latest Powerball Plus winning lottery numbers are published, prizes are automatically allocated to all qualifying winners.

Players who have won £/$/€200 or more, will receive a personalised call from one of our dedicated customer service agents to not only congratulate you on your prize but to assist you in claiming your win.

You will be instructed to file a cash withdrawal request from your account to claim your winnings.

Once your request is received, our security team will contact you to ensure your account is verified. This needs to be done before your cash withdrawal request can be granted.

Your Powerball Plus lottery winnings can be deposited into your preferred bank account or you can opt to have your winning paid to you in any of the seven web wallets available. However, this option is dependent on the country you live in, including several other factors.

It’s important to note that the minimum cash withdrawal limit is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

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