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About Mini Lotto

Play Mini Lotto online

How to play Mini Lotto Online? offers the biggest lottery games with the most impressive jackpots. You can also find the Poland Mini Lotto – in our opinion, it is one of the most interesting lotto games from Europe.

Mini Lotto is a popular Polish daily draw game available on The Polish Mini Lotto has become one of the world’s most popular lotteries even though it’s one of the smallest. If you’re wondering why, it’s because players have a really good chance of winning a prize. Not only is it easy, but Mini Lotto is affordable too.

When you play the Poland Mini Lotto online, your ticket will consist of 5 numbers between 1 and 42.

When you buy your Mini Lotto ticket online you can choose to select your favourite lucky numbers or you can choose your numbers randomly by using our Quick Pick option.

Buy Poland Mini Lotto tickets online for your chance to win a jackpot and to change your life forever.

How to play Mini lotto tickets online

What is the Mini Lotto?


The first Mini Lotto draw took place in March 1976 and since the introduction of the internet, Polish Mini Lotto has increased in popularity.


Mini lotto tickets online

How to win the Mini Lotto Jackpot?

They say dynamite comes in small packages and the Poland Mini Lotto certainty packs a huge punch! Players need to choose 5 numbers from 1 - 42 and if you match the numbers that are drawn you win instant cash.

More Information about Mini Lotto:

When to play the Mini Lotto?

When you play the Poland Mini Lotto online you’re guaranteed draws that take place seven days a week. This gives players and lottery enthusiasts the chance to win daily.

Mini Lotto draws take place each Monday to Sunday at 21:40 hrs local time and the jackpot is won by a player or players who pick all five numbers correctly.

Can I play the Mini Lotto from overseas?

Thanks to the internet, lottery players from all over the globe are now able to buy Poland Mini Lotto tickets online through

Mini Lotto Jackpot Rollovers

The Mini Lotto jackpot is around €70,000. This can increase depending on ticket sales and it is also subject to rollovers. If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount is rolled over to the next draw.

Mini Lotto Prize Table

There are three prize tiers in total, whenever you play Poland Mini Lotto online, the jackpot is usually around €70,000. The Mini Lotto jackpot amount depends on how many tickets are sold.

Divisions Match Winning Chances
1 Prize 5 1:850,668
Second prize 4 1:4,598
Third prize 3 1:127

What are the chances of winning the Mini Lotto?

Mini Lotto players will be pleased to know that the chances of winning a prize are exceptionally high on this amazing lotto game. It’s for this reason that the Poland Mini Lottery is the go-to option for so many players.

Interesting Facts About Mini Lotto

It’s not just this fabulous lotto game that the rest of the world should thank Poland for, as they also brought outstanding science and music into the world. However, the Poland Mini Lotto does hold two very significant lottery titles;

  1. World’s cheapest lottery game
  2. The lottery with the best chance of winning a prize.

This definitely sounds like a win-win situation!

Luckiest Mini Lotto Numbers

Mini Lotto winning numbers are usually spread across the entire number field. It could work to your advantage if you remember that all high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn.

In fact, this only occurs 4 percent of the time. Therefore, it’s better to have the best mix of 3/2 or 2/3 which means three high and two low, or two high and three low. According to past winning Poland Mini Lotto statistics, one of these two patterns will occur in 67 percent of the drawings.

Interestingly enough, if we take a look at the past winning numbers for Mini Lotto, more often than not, one or more of the number groups will not be represented. For example, if the winning Poland Mini Lotto numbers drawn were 5-8-14-17-32, there would be no numbers in the 20's. By tracking the Poland Mini Lotto number groups, you will be able to decide which group to omit and which group to play more of.

Mini Lotto Statistics

5 most frequently drawn numbers in 4821 draws:

  • Number 28 has been drawn 628 times
  • Number 21 has been drawn 608 times
  • Number 30 has been drawn 606 times
  • Number 17 has been drawn 599 times
  • Number 36 has been drawn 598 times

5 less frequently drawn numbers in 4821 draws:

  • Number 25 has been drawn 521 times
  • Number 20 has been drawn 523 times
  • Number 14 has been drawn 537 times
  • Number 42 has been drawn 540 times
  • Number 38 has been drawn 543 times

Biggest Mini Lotto Winners

  • December 2015 – PLN 366 518,50
  • July 2019 – PLN 359 318,40
  • April 2019 – PLN 356 717,50
  • March 2019 – PLN 355 472,50
  • March 2013 – PLN 348 845,50
Online lotto tickets winners payments

How to withdraw your Mini Lotto jackpot winnings with


If you win over £/€/$200 on the Poland Mini Lotto, you will receive a call from one of our Customer Service Representatives and they will explain how to file a cash withdrawal request from your account. As soon as your request has been approved, your money will be credited to the bank account and in the currency of your choice.

How to claim your Mini Lotto winnings with

Mini Lotto offers a lump sum pay-out option. This means that your winnings will be paid to you in one payment as soon as everything has been verified.

The best part about playing the lottery online and winning is that you don’t need to go anywhere to claim your prize. In the event of a win, you will be automatically notified. Thereafter, all you will need to do is verify your details in order to claim your prize.

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