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About France Loto

Play France Loto online

History Of France Loto:

France is a country that has always been culturally rich in terms of lottery games, with lotteries first being introduced as far back as 1936 as a means of fundraising for the country. The France Loto (Loto Francaise) was introduced in 1976, and to this day is still going strong thanks to the millions of French (and international) players participating in the weekly draws.


How to play the lottery

How To Play France Loto:

The France Loto game employs a “double matrix” draw structure. Basically, to place their entries the participants need to choose numbers from two sets of balls. Players are required to make their selection as follows – select 5 numbers from a possible 49 (standard ball selection), and one number from a possible 10 (the Lucky Number selection). To qualify for a jackpot win in this lottery, a player is required to match all 6 of their chosen numbers to the 6 numbers that have been drawn at random. There are a total of 9 prize tiers for this lottery, which means that there are a great number of prizes to be won every week.

Record Breaking France Loto Draws:

Even though the France Loto comes with a fairly modest €2 million minimum jackpot, that doesn’t mean it cannot pay out a sizeable amount. Every time this lottery rolls over, the jackpot increases in €1 million increments. In addition to this, the jackpot’s ability to roll over is capped at a pretty generous 34 times. The largest single-ticket jackpot prize won on the France Loto was €24 million, in June 2011. The jackpot had rolled over an impressive 11 times from a starting special draw jackpot prize of €13 million to end up on this amount – nearly double the initial prize, thanks to 11 consecutive rollovers. The France Loto has also had its fair share of amazing results; one incredibly lucky lottery player from the south of France took home the jackpot in 1996, and then again in 2011.

How to play the lottery

When to play France Loto:

Draws for the France Loto takes place 3 times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20h30 CET. All the draws for the game are held in Paris, France. 

France Loto Prize Tiers
France Loto has a total of 9 prize tiers, giving online lottery players a number of great prizes to be won 3 times a week.

Jackpot: 5 numbers + 'Lucky Number'
2nd prize tier: 5 numbers
3rd prize tier: 4 numbers + 'Lucky Number'
4th prize tier: 4 numbers
5th prize tier: 3 numbers + 'Lucky Number'
6th prize tier: 3 numbers'
7th prize tier: 2 numbers + 'Lucky Number'
8th prize tier: 2 numbers
9th prize tier: 'Lucky Number'
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Good luck when playing the France Loto!


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