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About Lotto 6aus49

Play Lotto 6aus49 online

How to play Lotto 6Aus49 Online?

To play Lotto 6Aus49 online sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, you’ll need to create one first. Thereafter, choose Lotto 6Aus49 on the homepage, then select six (6) numbers from 1-49 and one additional number, called the Superball or Superzahl, from 0-9.

Online Lotto 6Aus49 players can choose six numbers and the Superball either manually or by opting to play random selection (Quickpick).

For Lottery players who would like to play Lotto 6Aus49 online and stand a chance of winning incredible jackpots, this is what you need to do;

How To Play German 6Aus49 Lottery Online
  • Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, you’ll need to create one first.
  • After you have created your account, you can use one of our various safe and secure payment methods to deposit funds into your new account.
  • Once the funds reflect in your account, you can now buy your Lotto 6Aus49 tickets.

To play Lotto 6Aus49, you have to;

  • Choose six (6) main numbers from a pool of 49 possible numbers.
  • Choose one (1) number: the bonus ball known as the Superball or ‘Superzahl’, from a choice of nine (9) numbers.
  • Once you have selected your Lotto 6Aus49 lottery numbers select one of our various safe and secure payment methods to deposit funds into your new account. Once the funds reflect in your account, you can now play the German lottery tickets and play the Lotto 6Aus49 online.
  • As soon as you’re ready to buy German Lottery tickets simply click on the ‘Checkout’ button in your Shopping Cart, and your picks will be entered into the next German Lotto draw.

Advantages when you play Lotto 6Aus49 online:

  • Deciding to buy Lotto 6Aus49 Lottery online on means you can do so anywhere, anytime thanks to the internet.
  • Security is of paramount importance when you buy German lottery tickets on
  • Shortly after the draw, players who decided to try their luck and play Lotto 6Aus49 online will receive an automated results email reflecting the winning Lotto 6Aus49 winning numbers and any matches they may have.

Lotto 6Aus49 Online

What is the Superball or Superzahl?

Once the main Lotto 6Aus49 lottery draw has concluded, another draw is conducted for a single ‘bonus ball’ known as the Super Number or ‘Superzahl’ from a separate numbered 0-9 range of balls. If all 6 numbers as well as the bonus Superzahl number are matched the jackpot is won. The bonus ball increases a player’s chance of a placing or even winning, in as many as nine of the game’s prize tiers. To qualify for the lowest prize tier placement, a minimum match of 2 correct numbers, as well as the correct bonus Superzahl number, is required.

When to play the Lotto 6Aus49?

Lotto 6Aus49 holds its draws twice a week on Wednesday at 18:25 (CET) and Saturday at 19:25 (CET) in Saarbrücken, Germany. You can buy Lotto 6Aus49 tickets on until one hour before each draw.

More Information about Lotto 6Aus49:

What is the Lotto 6Aus49?

The German Lottery was launched back in 1955 and is currently one of the biggest lottery games in Germany. Lotto 6Aus49 joined Deutscher Lotto-und Totoblock (DLTB) when it was established in 1974.

Lotto 6Aus49 has great prize tiers and big jackpots and is an excellent European lottery due to its good management standards.

Lotto 6Aus49 lottery pays out €5 billion in prizes annually.

Can I play the Lotto 6Aus49 from overseas?

The only restriction that the German lotteries are for players to meet the age limit in order to be able to play the lottery games. Other than this, any person can play Lotto 6Aus49 online with

To play the Lotto 6Aus49 online, simply register on, create an account and fund it. As soon as the funds reflect in your account, you will be able to buy German lottery tickets and play the Lotto 6Aus49 online.

Please note: In order to buy German lottery tickets and play the Lotto 6Aus49 online, players need to be 18 years or older.

Browse our Lotto 6Aus49 Resource Centre for more information on playing the Lotto 6Aus49 lottery on

How to win the jackpot on Lotto 6Aus49?


To win the Lotto6Aus49 jackpot, players need to match the six (6) main numbers drawn, including the Superball or Superzahl.

The German Lotto 6Aus49 Prize Table

Lotto 6Aus49 boasts nine (9) prize structures. To win the Lotto 6Aus49 online players must match the six (6) main numbers, including the Superball or Superzahl.

Below is a breakdown of the 9 Lotto 6Aus49 prize tiers.

Matches Percentage (%) of the prize fund Prize

Six (6) numbers + Superball



Six (6) numbers


2nd prize

Five (5) numbers + Superball


3rd prize

Five (5) numbers


4th prize

Four (4) numbers + Superball


5th prize

Four (4) numbers


6th prize

Three (3) numbers + Superball


7th prize

Three (3) numbers


8th prize

Two (2) numbers + Superball

Fixed amount*

9th prize

*The percentage for prize tiers two (2) to eight (8) is calculated after the money for the jackpot is deducted, including the €6 for tier nine (9).

The Lotto 6Aus49 Jackpot Payout Options

Lotto 6Aus49 lottery players who have won the jackpot will receive their winnings in a lump-sum payout immediately.

Under exceptional circumstances, reserves the right to pay the winning jackpot total in the form of an annuity payout.

Lotto 6Aus49 Jackpot Rollovers

The top prize on Lotto 6Aus49 €45 million. If no one wins the jackpot when it reaches the jackpot, the jackpot proceeds will be evenly distributed amongst lower tier prize winners.

Play German Lotto 6Aus49 lottery numbers online

What is the minimum Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot?

The minimum jackpot for a regular Wednesday draw is €1 million, while the minimum jackpot for a Saturday draw is €3 million.

What are the chances of winning the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot?

When you play Lotto 6Aus49 online, your overall chance of winning any prize is an impressive 1 in 6.6. Your chances of winning the coveted jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160.

Matches Chances of winning

Six (6) numbers + Superball

1 in 139,838,160

Six (6) numbers

1 in 15,537,573

Five (5) numbers + Superball

1 in 542,008

Five (5) numbers

1 in 60,223

Four (4) numbers + Superball

1 in 10,234

Four (4) numbers

1 in 1,147

Three (3) numbers + Superball

1 in 567

Three (3) numbers

1 in 63

Two (2) numbers + Superball

1 in 76

The overall chance of winning any prize are 1 in 6.6

How to check the Lotto 6Aus49 winning lottery numbers?

Take a look at the Lotto 6Aus49 results page to get the latest numbers as soon as the lottery is drawn.

Interesting Facts About Lotto 6Aus49


This Lotto 6Aus49 lottery can be traced all the way back to 1955 when 4 German states partnered to manage this popular German lotto game. Eventually, other German states joined and formed the Deutscher Lotto- und Totoblock (DLTB) in 1974, a partnership of 16 individual lotteries known as Lotteriegesellschaften.

As the name suggests Lotto 6Aus49 translates to 6 out of 49. It is only after the six balls have been drawn that the last bonus ball is drawn.

The Lotto 6Aus49 does not have a fixed location where the numbers are drawn. The drawing system is cyclic and jumps through the cities of Bayern, Berlin, Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hessen, Bremen, Niedersachsen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rheinland-Pflaz, Saarland, Sachsen-Anhalt, Sachsen, Thüringen, and Schleswig-Holstein.

At first Lotto 6Aus49 only had one draw per week on Saturdays. The Wednesday draw was introduced in 1982.

The game’s format changed from 7/38 to 6/49 in June 1986, and in May 2013, the Superzahl was introduced. It improved the chances of winning any prize from 1 in 54 to 1 in 31.

Biggest Lotto 6Aus49 Winners

  • The largest Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot took place on December 5th 2007 when three lucky ticket holders won and shared the top jackpot prize of €45.3 million.
  • The biggest single-ticket jackpot win took place in October 2006 when a single ticket won the €42.6 million jackpot.
Winner Name Jackpot Amount Date Won

Three (3) anonymous winners

€45.3 million

December 2007


€42.6 million

October 2020


€37.7 million

October 2006

Syndicate group

€17.7 million

March 2009

What happens after winning the Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot with


Shortly after the Lotto 6Aus49 winning lottery numbers are published, your account will be immediately credited if you matched the winning numbers.


How to withdraw your Lotto 6Aus49 jackpot winnings with

When you play the Lotto 6Aus49 online on and win any amount, you will enjoy how easy and straightforward it is to claim your winnings.

You will receive a call from one of our friendly customer service agents if you won £/$/€200 or more.

To claim your winnings, you will have to file a cash withdrawal request from your account. Upon receiving your request, our security team will contact you to ensure your account is verified before granting your cash withdrawal request.

We will deposit your winnings into your preferred bank account when your cash withdrawal request is granted. You also have the choice to have your winnings paid to you in several web wallets. However, this option is dependent on the country you live in, including other factors.

The minimum cash withdrawal limit for all our lottery players is set at £10, €12 and US $15.

With a record jackpot high of 45.38 million, 9 lucrative prize categories and great overall odds of 1 in 31 make sure you play the Lotto 6Aus49 lottery online with today! allows continual savings on tickets, regular weekly offers and discounts.

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