Play Lotteries Using our Mobile Site

Take With You Wherever You Go.

As a future lottery winner, it is entirely understandable that times may occur when you are so busy that you simply cannot get to your computer to play your lottery tickets.  This may have been a problem in the past, but no more! Now you can play the world’s biggest lotteries from your mobile phone... and it is ridiculously easy. Play lottery using our mobile site

Simply log on to from your phone (most mobile phones will automatically redirect you to the mobile version of our site), pick your favourite jackpot and choose whether you want to play a single line, a weekly or monthly play. Kindly note that only the "quick pick" option is available for the weekly and monthly plays. For the single plays, you may choose your own numbers.

The website will determine that you are accessing the site using a mobile browser, and will display the mobile version accordingly. Certain mobile phones however, do not support this automatic redirection, in which case, we suggest that you visit, and save the page as a Bookmark for future visits.

This will make the process of ensuring your entries are played when you are on the run much easier.