Important Notice: MegaSena Draw Change

MegaSena lottery players should be aware that there will be a draw change this week.

The MegaSena draw scheduled for Wednesday the 2nd November, 2016 has been moved to Thursday the 3rd November, 2016.

Please note that all tickets into the Wednesday draw have been moved into the Thursday draw! 

The jackpot is expected to be a tidy $700,000. 

MegaSena draws this week are as follows:

• Thursday 3rd November, 2016
• Saturday 5th November, 2016

MegaSena Lotto

How to play the MegaSena

If you too would like to be part of the MegaSena lotto action at, play the MegaSena lottery  by simply selecting 6 numbers from a range of 1 to 60.

Make sure you don’t miss out playing MegaSena this week at PlayHugeLottos, where participating in the MegaSena lottery is made fun and easy!

Best of luck!
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Posted by PRADIP (1/11/2016)

after winning jackpot of 3/11/2016's draw, then i will buy "MEGA SENA".

Posted by Thinh (1/11/2016)

Thanks for the info!

Posted by Ricardo (1/11/2016)

Still a chance to win the jackpot for mega-sena.

Posted by PRADIP (2/11/2016)

mega sena jackpot will be my 2nd winning , after winning 1st jackpot of OZ POWER BALL.

Posted by PRADIP (4/11/2016)

counting hours hours after hours, but jackpot till far from me, i will try.

Posted by Darren (5/11/2016)

As always, thanks for keeping us up to date.

Posted by PRADIP (7/11/2016)

i m daily savings money not to miss my draw, i m always in the competition.

Posted by PRADIP (13/11/2016)

INDIA's currency has been changed from old to new model, then my life will be change from struggle to shinning after winning jackpot in lottery on 17/11/2016.

Posted by PRADIP (14/11/2016)

life changing is just a matter of days with few lucky numbers of lottery.

Posted by PRADIP (17/11/2016)

today i m running behind LOTTERY, only day LOTTERY will be run behind me.

Posted by Leyla (30/01/2017)

Good news