The Funniest Ways To Pick Your Lotto Numbers

If you are looking for a stellar lottery strategy to pick your lucky lotto numbers – you have come to the right place!  We’ve put together some of the funniest lotto picking strategies we’ve come across since 1998 when first launched onto the internet providing online lottery players from all over the world the chance to win millions! Be warned though, these lotto strategies are extremely entertaining!

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Now we all know that there are many approaches to choosing your lottery numbers, but for seasoned online lottery players, you will know that the lottery is a game of chance and anything can happen. So, no matter how many lotto tickets you buy, where you play from, how old you are, you all have the same chance of scooping the jackpot and make every single dream a reality.

Here are our top funniest way to pick your lotto numbers:

Grandma’s teeth

We all love grandma’s, and some lotto players pay really close attention to their beloved Nan. Every gran is the cornerstone of the family, and we all love and adore her.

Have you noticed that the older you get the more precious things become to us? Well, teeth tend to be a big thing for older people, and no matter how old they are, they want to try to hold on to as many of their teeth as possible.

One online lottery player told us that he uses the number of teeth his grandma still has when choosing his lottery numbers! It’s definitely one of the lottery number selections that have “stood the test of time” and kept us entertained over the years.

So if you are up for something completely out of the ordinary – start counting those teeth - and play the lottery online!

smile, teeth

Tackle Box

Just like fishing, you play the lottery to catch the big one. You sit there tapping in your lotto numbers and then sit and wait and wait and wait for that tug. The one where you see your line shake and your heart skip a beat. Well, you need to turn to your tackle box for some inspiration.

Another “fishy” lotto strategy we received, was counting the number of lures you have in your tackle box and use it in your lottery pick.

This method is a sure way to pick the winning numbers. You could do a ratio of new lures verses old lures. Just make sure you include your tackle box content in the picking of your lottery numbers.

Cast your line out and play the lotto online today – it might be the big one!

fishing for money

Cell Phone

We love our phones, and it’s a major part of our lives. So, let me ask you a question, “How many mobile phones have you gone through so far?”

According to one lotto player, you should use the number of phones you’ve owned in your lifetime to play the lottery.

Another question is (and I just have to ask) is how many of these phones that you will never ever use or be seen with have you still got tossed in the junk draw in your home? It’s amazing how we just cannot toss them out.


No this is not going to be one of those blog posts that say “Win the lottery and quit your job.” Not this time at least.  What we are however, going to do, is take a look back at all the jobs you have had. Which one was your favourite, and yes it might not be the one you are currently in?

Now what I want you to do is, choose the job you wish you still had. That’s the one, I want you to focus on. Now that you have that job in mind, choose a number that is associated with it. It could be the number of years you worked there, the number of people who worked there, or the number of people you actually liked working there, the date you started working there or even your clock in number (heaven forbid).

Once you have all these numbers, use them in your lottery strategy. Who knows, it could end up finally being, “the grass IS greener on the other side” after all! It was an awesome job, so with it surely there should be some luck attached.

Happy at work, happy job, best job


Just like your old job, your shoes also make you happy. They support you and carry you around wherever you need to go.
Lottery strategist number five, says that he in honour of his shoes, he has included shoes in his lottery number choices. Talk about a shoe fetish!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? That number should definitely be included.


Top of the charts

Funny enough, the following lotto strategy came up numerous times over the years. What you do is, head over to the top 100 chart for the best-selling singles. Select the average lotto number range on the chart then select your numbers based on your favourite songs on the chart.

I picked “Cheap Thrills’ by Sia at number 17 on the UK singles chart right now. Why because no.17's my mother's birthday and the song reminds me of those strange people that have no interest in trying their luck on the lotto, and need to be taught to have some fun and learn something new!


Age is just a number

For those of you that need a lotto strategy that’s slightly normal, then this one’s for you. This one requires a lotto where you have to pick six numbers such as the UK Lottery or the Mega Millions lottery.

  • Pick three numbers representing the ages of three members of your family.
  • Pick another three representing how old said family members actually look.

Remember, you can’t be too harsh as none of our number ranges extend into the hundreds (if you’re looking for a high number range, play Powerball online!) or pick lottery numbers within the required range.

Family, how to pick your lotto numbers


We dare not forgot about “a man’s best friend.”  So, take the time to think about your pooch. How old he is, and does he like picking lotto numbers? If you think I’m having you on, I’m not.  Remember, Mei-Li, the shy-Tzu psychic lotto dog? She picked the six numbers that her humans submitted on a Megabucks lottery ticket and they won $400,000!

Then there’s Ruby the playful Labrador who while digging around in the car, found a lost lottery ticket worth $230,000.

If you don’t own a dog use a neighbour’s or a family member’s dogs age.

If the thought has ever crossed your mind that you are simply not lucky and that you will never win the lottery try buying a dog, or count your grans teeth, but whatever you do – make sure you are in it to win it!

There you have it. These were the most random lotto strategies and they came from online lottery player’s right here at the one, the only!

Hit the play now button and choose your lottery numbers. Incorporate some or all of these methods, and you are sure to come out with a winning lottery ticket.

Come on… if not for the millions – then do it for the pooch!

dog, pooch, dogs that have won the lottery

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Posted by Ying Kwong (16/08/2016)

One common strategy is to use birth dates.

Posted by PRADIP (17/08/2016)

summer, winter, spring, every season and every day i want to buy lottery tickets.

Posted by Sandra (17/08/2016)

The magic 8 ball. Keep asking it one number at a time until you have the required number of yeses for your lottery

Posted by Yudhister (17/08/2016)

nice article....

Posted by Julian (18/08/2016)

A very good one

Posted by PRADIP (18/08/2016)

daily i m saying myself, keep trying ......

Posted by Krishnan (19/08/2016)

Choosing the numbers no doubt will be funny in most instances because winning a lottery itself is like getting hit by a shooting star !!

Posted by Ricardo (19/08/2016)

How about the license plate of cars seen on the street before the jackpot draw.

Posted by PRADIP (19/08/2016)

RIO OLYMPIC is now going to finish, my VICTORY LAP will be start now with winning "JACKPOT IN LOTTERY" !!!!

Posted by Prunella (20/08/2016)

what about wining a jockpot for my birthday it will be wish come true

Posted by Ildefonso (20/08/2016)

Go with your gut instincts when choosing numbers.

Posted by PRADIP (20/08/2016)

patience and concentration is very much necessary, rest will do GOD !!

Posted by Zeljko (3/09/2016)

I am usually using random numbers, clicking few times until I see numbers I like. Because to will lottery you just need luck, there is no formula.

Posted by PRADIP (7/09/2016)

those who introduce these nice international lottery system, my thanks to them, because my winning amount will be credited in my account promptly.

Posted by Zeljko (8/09/2016)

I am usually playing random numbers, so many times repeating the same....

Posted by Leyla (19/09/2016)

very good

Posted by Oh (11/10/2016)

Yes ! use the most natural and environment friendly ways to play