SuperEnaLotto Valentines Day Special Offer

Here at we simply don’t ‘like’ our players, we LOVE them! What better time to show our love for you than on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day?

FOR TODAY ONLY - receive 25% of the value of your SuperEnaLotto purchases back into your account as play credit!

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With the SuperEnaLotto draw tonight sitting at €45,200,000.00 the timing is certainly spot on!  In fact, the SuperEna jackpot is currently the highest it has been since 19th May 2012 – is today your lucky day?

An Italian Jackpot To Celebrate The Most Famous Lover

What could be more perfect than an Italian SuperEnaLotto special offer on the international day of love and romance? The world’s most famous lover was after all Italian!

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt (better known as simply ‘Casanova’) was an Italian adventurer and author in the 18th Century who became famous for his many romantic affairs with women. In fact, his name is now synonymous with any man who is “amorously and gallantly attentive to women.”




A Lover’s Luck On The Lotto!

Casanova was not simply renowned for his romantic encounters. He was also an accomplished gambler. It seems this lover of ladies was loved by Lady Luck herself. In fact, Casanova started professional gambling by the age of 20 and made a living off it quite successfully. His favourite game was called Faro and he used a somewhat risky system known as the Martingale system which involved doubling up after each bet and which is still in use today.

It wasn’t only card games that captured his imagination. In fact, somewhat relevant to and lovers of lotteries around the world, Casanova once organised a government lottery in Paris, France.

In 1760 the King of France required 20,000,000 francs to build a military school and Casanova believed that a lottery was the perfect way to raise funds. The King agreed and hired Casanova to organise the lottery which went on to be a great success! A tradition that continues today in France with the fantastic France Loto!

Will Casanova’s luck and charisma be with you on this most romantic of days? Will Cupid bring you not only love but a lovely Italian jackpot as well?

This Valentine’s Day play the biggest Italian lottery and get 25% of the ticket value back as play credits!


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Posted by Rakesh (21/04/2013)

Its a great offer.