Make Valentine’s Day Unforgettable With The Lotto

As most online lottery players are men, we at would like to remind you that if you have a partner, you need to start thinking about how to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable this year.

It makes absolutely no difference whether or not you like the day, or whether you wish to take part in all the shenanigans that go with this day. The truth is, you need to stay “out of the dog house.”

Valentine's Day, forgot Valentine's Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a time when people show their feelings of love to each other. While you may prefer to keep your feminine side to yourself, your partner will more than likely love to receive a gift this Valentine’s Day.

Create the right mood

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we. The first thing you need to make sure of is creating the right mood. Make sure that when you wake up on the 14th, which is this coming Sunday morning, that you wake up in a good mood. Start the day off with a smile, say something cute or if you’re in a rush, leave a romantic note. It will set the tone for the day and make your partner happy all day long.

Make sure you have a present

With the month of February synonymous with love, how about getting your beloved a bunch of lottery tickets as well as the traditional bunch of red roses? 

Bernadette Makkay-Fonzino scratched off a Lucky in Love instant game back in 2013 and won $20,000.  Not bad for Valentine’s Day and it’s a lot more than any usual present, that’s for sure!

Buying a gift is an important component of the St. Valentine’s Day. You aren’t obliged to buy something extremely costly. The aim of your present is to show your love. It can be something small, and by adding a lottery ticket to the mix, you could be giving your loved one more than anyone has ever done before.

View our best-selling Valentine's Day gift vouchers under the Gift Voucher under Game Options on the top tab of the homepage and set the heart of your love a flutter.  Your partner will be swept off their feet, knowing that you want them to live a life of luxury and decadence.

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On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, winning the 2 flight tickets to a destination of your choice, would be great for a romantic proposal. The day is meant for lovers, after all, and getting down on one knee with a ring is one of the best ways you can profess your love for her.


Women love flowers, and believe me they have their favourite too. Try to find out her favourite. This will also give you an opportunity to attach a romantic note to a bunch of flowers.

Make sure you get at least one of the above gifts, but whatever you do, buy a lottery ticket! You might just end up giving your loved one a few million dollars! Now that’s impressive!

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Posted by Ying Kwong (8/02/2016)

Any lotto flowers for sale?

Posted by Zeljko (9/02/2016)

It would be very nice if some lottery will make me happy for the Valentines...

Posted by Darren (9/02/2016)

I have several tickets for Valentines Day. Hope I win something!

Posted by Samson (10/02/2016)

Let it be a jackpot win for this Valentine day for many.

Posted by IWw0Ut- (10/02/2016)

Romancing '' really a valentine's gesture!!!

Posted by Ndeshipanda (11/02/2016)

I already bought some flowers and a valentines card for my loved one. Maybe i will make it even spicy if i grab some lotto tickets and see if flowers will become huge valentine TREES

Posted by Ritwick (11/02/2016)

Valentine win would be great

Posted by Zeljko (13/02/2016)

I just used your valentine day super ena max promotion. Nice.

Posted by Darren (13/02/2016)

Good Luck, and Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Posted by Leyla (20/02/2016)

Happy Valentines Day everyone.