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At least once in your lifetime, you have dreamt of winning the lottery and thought about how brilliant your life would be with that kind money at your disposal. Generally speaking, most people think about luxury gifts, yachts, sports cars and exotic destinations when they think about winning the lotto. But after just a few minutes, we hit a downer, thinking that “oh well, it only happens to other people.” This is where you are wrong...

What makes you so different that you don’t stand a chance of winning the jackpot?  Lottery winners bought a lottery ticket. You bought a lottery ticket. After that, it’s all a game of chance. Pure luck.

By now you must have read quite a few lottery winner stories not only here on, but on the internet as a whole. Every single one of these lotto winners say the same, they cannot believe it happened. They won and they are shocked. Seriously happy but shocked.

Just like you, they too thought someone else will win, until of course their lucky lotto numbers appeared. What is important, is to be persistent and make sure you buy a lottery ticket if you want to give yourself the chance to make your dreams come true.

SuperEna Max

If you are serious about becoming an overnight millionaire, the first lotto ticket you need to buy right now, is a SuperEna Max ticket. From now until the 31st of October, 2015 the SuperEna Max lotto game is boasting another SuperStar Week giving you the opportunity to win up to 250 million Euro. 

SuperEnaMax is offering three special SuperStar number draws on the 27th, 29th and 31st of October.

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SuperEna Max Super Rollovers, SuperEna Max,

Mega Millions

Just below the SuperEna Max lotto game, we have not one but both American lotteries, still rolling and giving us even more to play for.

With last Friday’s (23 Oct. 2015) Mega Millions draw rolling over once again, and giving online lotto players from all over the globe a chance to win a life-changing nine-digit jackpot prize, not having at least one ticket into this draw would be crazy.

The winning Mega Millions numbers for Friday the 23rd October 2015 were: 25 - 32 – 37 - 45 - 70 and the Mega Ball number 1.
Not only did we see no one win the jackpot but the second prize tier was also left begging for a winner.  In the third prize tier, however, one lucky Mega Millions ticket holder won $5000.00 for matching four main numbers and the Mega ball.  25 other Mega Millions ticket holders won $500.00 for matching the four main numbers.

So while you are buying your SuperEna Max ticket hop on over to Mega Millions and buy a Mega Millions ticket online for this Tuesday’s $117 million draw.

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$117 million Mega Millions jackpot, Mega Millions


In a very close third place, we have the US Powerball lottery with a jackpot figure big enough to make sure that you never have to worry about money ever again. Winning this Wednesday’s $110 million Powerball jackpot prize will definitely enable you and your entire family to live the lotto lifestyle.

US Powerball results that took place on Saturday (Oct. 24, 2015) draw were:  20 - 31 - 56 - 60 - 64 and Power ball 2.
With the top prize unclaimed we look down at the second prize tier, which just like the Mega Millions also provided no winners.

The first win came in the third prize tier, with 14 Powerball ticket holders matching four main numbers and the red Power Ball to win the new and improved $50,000.00 prize.

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$110 million Powerball jackpot, Powerball
These are just some of the most popular lotteries. Play your favourite lottery no matter where you are. We enable you to fulfil your dream as well as many who have succeeded before you.

And finally, let's hope that these two American lotteries give the biggest win ever, drawn end of March 2012 that reached a whopping $656 Million a serious run for its money! The winners invested pocket change each and before taxes, each of them won around $218 Million. Play the biggest lotteries in the world right here at and join the ranks of the biggest lottery jackpot winners ever!

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Good luck with your entries!

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You have to be IN to WIN .

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Thank you for the opportunity PHL that you give to all of us.

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They are all very much tempting indeed !

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I have given it all and purchased my tickets ... here's to lady luck ;-)

Posted by John (30/10/2015)

I have been playing your games for some time over the years and have only now informed one of my FaceBook friends about it. He had never heard about your site, ever. I mentioned for him to let his family know too and then suggested his neighbors may like to know as well. The idea being for all of them to read over the site and possibly purchase group tickets. Keep up the good work...

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The really BIG one I want now is the SUERENAMAX Super Star jackpot. Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!!!!