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Ever clicked on an online psychic website, either because you believe, or you were so bored that you thought that you would give it a go out of curiosity?  Kevin Millard, from West Hollywood did, and we’re sure he’s now singing, “I’m a believer!”

Similar to Richad Davis of Florida, who played the lucky lotto numbers he found in his fortune cookie and won $10 million, so too did our latest Powerball winner, who took the advice of an online psychic message and played the lotto.
After deciding to scale back a bit on purchasing lottery tickets, and only buying a few lotto tickets when the jackpot is really big, Kevin had no intention to buy a Powerball lotto ticket for the Powerball draw that took place on the 19th September 2015.

After using a free trial on a psychic website, however, Kevin got slightly bombarded with messages saying, ‘Your money’s coming. This year is a change for you.’

With the Powerball lottery climbing higher draw after draw and reaching a staggering $208 million, plus the messages coming in saying, “Your money is coming”, Kevin decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a Powerball lottery ticket just in case the universe was trying to tell him something.

Low and behold, Kevin matched five out of six of the Powerball winning numbers drawn on Saturday, September 19th and won a place in the second prize tier worth a cool $1 million!

Kevin Millard lotto winner

When questioned by lottery officials as to how he will be spending his new found wealth, he said that he would definitely not squander it and would be wise about it all.

He also said that if it wasn’t for the constant messaged coming in, he would not have bought a Powerball ticket.

Even the Pooch Won the Lotto

Seems as though everyone’s getting in on the act, as even a pooch by the name of Mei-Li, has picked the right numbers and won $400,000. on the lotto.  After barking at the television during a live broadcasting of the lotto draw, Mei-Li’s owners decided to cut out pieces of paper with the lottery numbers on, place it on the floor and let Mei-Li pick their lotto numbers for them. Psychic Mei-Li got all six numbers right. Just goes to show you anymore can win the lotto.

Psychic dog wins the lottery, lotto dog

Lucky lotto horoscope numbers

If you too wish you had a ‘sign’, telling you to buy a lotto ticket because your money is coming or your future looks bright, then why not pop over to our lucky horoscope page and see what the stars have to say?  It’s the last day to double check this month’s lucky lotto horoscope numbers and play them right here.  Kevin had no intention of playing, but even he took a chance. Come on… play Powerball now!

One thing that will be fascinating to see, is whether the top prize will be won before the Powerball changes will be made, or whether the jackpot will keep rolling and rolling to a mega $1 Billion!

Some may feel sure that they can predict it, but for the rest of us, we will have to rely of luck as we pick our lucky lotto numbers and try and win BIG!

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Posted by Paweł (30/09/2015)

An interesting story.

Posted by Ritwick (30/09/2015)

What a way to win!!! Wow.

Posted by Ashish (30/09/2015)


Posted by Ying Kwong (30/09/2015)

Let's test our luck!

Posted by Krishnan (9/10/2015)

When Fate decides to make a man/woman rich, then no stopping, it could be through any medium.

Posted by Leyla (10/10/2015)

Good story.