Worldwide Lotto Results 3rd August 2015

For lotto players who love to play the lotto, last week provided everyone with more than their fill of lotto thrills and spills. With the SuperEna Max SuperStar draws taking the centre stage with millions to be won, players were making sure that they too had a shot of winning any of the three SuperStar draws on offer. Not far behind the SuperEna Max we saw the American Powerball rise to the occasion with a huge lotto jackpot of its own, giving online lotto players more than enough to play for.

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Mega Millions and Powerball results:

Both the Mega Millions and the Powerball were won

Both the American lotteries produced instant lottery millionaires over the weekend. One ticket matched the winning numbers from Friday's $25 million Mega Millions drawing, while another lucky lotto ticket won a $110 million Powerball prize. One Mega Millions ticket matched five numbers and is worth $1 million, while a Powerball ticket sold in Wisconsin matched five numbers and is worth $1 million.

The winning Mega Millions numbers are 28 – 32 – 33 – 40 - 46 Mega Ball 10 Saturday's Powerball numbers are 07 – 13 – 24 – 49 - 57 Powerball 15.

22 people managed to match the four main numbers and the Powerball on Saturday scooping $ 10,000.00 each, while 19 lucky winners matched all four main numbers and the Mega ball on the Mega Millions draw the night before and took home $ 5,000.00 each.

313 Mega Millions players also got their share of the Mega Millions prize-fund when they took home $ 500.00 for matching four numbers on Friday evening. 754 Powerball players won $ 100.00 for matching their 4 winning numbers.

As you can see, the bigger the pot the more there is to be won. Congratulations to all those that won on the Mega Millions and the Powerball USA over the weekend – make sure you spend your winnings wisely!

The Powerball lottery increases faster than the Mega Millions due to the fact that its minimum jackpot amount is $40 million, compared to the Mega Millions starting jackpot amount of $15 million.

Staying in America, the SuperLottoPlus also had its fair share of lotto winners:

SuperLottoPlus - $62,000,000

Coming in third place as the biggest current jackpot in the world, is the SuperLottoPlus with a gigantic $62 million up for grabs this Wednesday the 5th August 2015.  Saturday night saw 1 ticket holder match all 5 main numbers and bag a hefty $ 54,848.00, just for playing SuperLottoPlus and picking the right numbers.

The latest winning SuperLottoPlus numbers were: 01- 03 - 06, 17, 28 and 02.

Australian lotteries

Australian lotteries:

Oz Powerball - $4,300,000

The latest winning Oz Powerball numbers were: 01– 03 – 07 – 20 – 21 - 36 and 19.

On Friday, not one but four lucky lottery players managed to match all the winning numbers and each won $36,650.25 on the Oz Powerball. The Oz Powerball jackpot for this Thursday is $2,600,000.

Oz Lotto - $21,800,000

The latest winning Oz Lotto numbers were: 14 – 18 – 20 – 25 – 33 – 36 - 38 and 06 and19.

No one managed to take home the jackpot of $ 14,761,631.03 on Tuesday, which means that this Tuesday’s Oz Lotto jackpot has rolled over to a very impressive $21,800,000.  The last time we saw a Oz Lotto jackpot win was on the 23rd June 2015 when 1 lucky Oz Lotto players took home the $ 11,643,000.00 Oz Lotto jackpot.

European lotteries

European lotteries:

UK Lottery - £6,100,000

The latest winning UK Lottery numbers were:  1 – 16 – 27 – 42 – 46 - 47 and 24.

Saturday saw no one manage to match all six numbers on the UK Lottery and scoop the jackpot.  Two lucky individuals matched did however match five numbers and took home £ 191,161.00. 141 players won £ 2,302.00 for correctly predicting 5 main numbers out of the 6 winning drawn numbers. The UK Lottery jackpot for this Wednesday is £6,100,000.

El Gordo - €5,800,000

The latest winning El Gordo numbers were: 16 – 21 – 26 – 42 - 54 and 5.

The last time anyone matched the El Gordo winning numbers was on the 22nd of March 2015, taking home €5,460,587.11. The next jackpot is standing at €5,800,000. El Gordo drawn every Sunday but players need to remember that no sales are made on Sunday therefore, the cut-off for ticket purchases is actually the Saturday afternoon before the draw.

Lotto 6aus49 - €10,000,000

The latest winning Lotto 6aus49 numbers were: 04, 07, 16, 20, 31, 36 and 04.

Since Saturday the 18th July the Lotto6aus49 has been rolling, with the last jackpot win of €4,627,194.50. With the Lotto6aus49 rolling for a consecutive 4 draws since then, it’s only a matter of time before someone scoops the jackpot which is currently standing at €10,000,000. Will that person be you? 6 lucky players did however strike gold when they matched all 6 main numbers to win themselves € 304,241.40. The only thing that kept the jackpot just out of their reach was the bonus ball 04.

Mega-Sena - $2,100,000

The latest winning Mega-Sena numbers were: 03 - 08 – 28 – 39 – 42 - 59.

On Saturday the 1st August 2015, no one matched any of the Mega Sena number drawn but a staggering 45 Mega Sena ticket holders did match five of the six numbers winning €11,501.40.  With the Mega Sena rolling over, this Wednesday’s Mega-Sena jackpot will be $2,100,000.

Mega Sena lotto fans need to take note that there is going to be an extra Mega Sena draw this week. Instead of drawing on Thursday and Saturday it will now draw on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.  This is once again due to a public holiday.

EuroJackpot - €14,000,000

The latest winning EuroJackpot numbers were: 11 – 19 – 24 – 46 - 49 and numbers 1 and 5.

No one scooped the EuroJackpot but 4 players did match four numbers and the bonus ball giving them € 258,055.30 to claim. A further 4 players also matched the four main numbers which pays out € 91,078.30.

SuperEnaLotto - €9,000,000

The latest winning SuperEnaLotto numbers were: 2 - 26 – 34 – 58 – 80 - 81 and 23.

With the SuperEna Max lotto game based on the SuperEna Lotto but with much bigger jackpots, made last week a very jolly week for sure.  The SuperStar week saw jackpots ranging from 200 million Euro to 250 million Euro on Saturday evening.  The SuperEnalotto jackpots are some of the highest in the world due to the fact that there is no cap on the jackpot amount and no roll down of jackpots. It’s for this reason that the SuperEnaLotto is one of the most attractive lottery games in the world. Unfortunately no one managed to match all the winning SuperEna Max numbers to take home the staggering amount on offer during the Superstar week.  Unfortunately all good things do come to an end, and the jackpot has now reverted back to 90 million Euro for this Tuesday the 4th August 2015.

EuroMillions - €15,000,000

The latest winning EuroMillions numbers were: 16 – 21 – 34 – 40 - 50 plus Star numbers 6 and 9.

The EuroMillions did not fail online lotter players this Friday and made one lucky EuroMillions lottery players an overnight multi-millionaire after they bagged the €24,939,216.00.  A further 4 players won € 372,720.50 for matching 5 and 1 Star number and 10 players won € 49,696.00 for matching the five main numbers.

La Primitiva lottery

La Primitiva - €66,500,000

The latest winning Spanish La Primitiva numbers were: 01, 09, 16, 20, 28, 31 and 25 plus Reintegro number 7.

The La Primitiva jackpot has been steadily climbing the lotto charts and now finally sees itself amongst the top online lotto jackpots.

Make sure you play the Spanish La Primitiva online and who knows, it might just be your numbers that cash in the big one.
If you would like to give yourself the chance to win millions, buy lotto tickets online at – where bigger is always better.

With this week’s SuperEna Max still boasting a whopping 90 million Euro and La Primitiva rolling over to a massive 66.5 million Euro – you simply cannot miss out on the incredible opportunity to go from ordinary to extraordinary in a blink of an eye.

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Posted by Raj (3/08/2015)

nice goods

Posted by IWw0Ut- (3/08/2015)

:( sad that the super star supenamax was not won

Posted by Amos (4/08/2015)

Good luck to all players

Posted by Julian (4/08/2015)

Its great

Posted by Krishnan (4/08/2015)

So the winnable jackpots like Euro Million, Megamillion, American Powerball etc have been won leaving the California Super Plus Lotto which I am going to play. Let me also keep my fingers crossed about the Euromillion draw today which I have played.

Posted by Yudhister (5/08/2015)

SuperEna Max and Megamillion are my favourite ,i wish i could win someday

Posted by Ndeshipanda (6/08/2015)

i want to win but i have bad luck :-(

Posted by Krishnan (11/08/2015)

To be honest I have to mention that the lottery which has better chances of winning a good amount of money as the fourth prize (matching four numbers) is the French Lotto. All other lottos do not give as much as the French Lotto does. It gives 1000 dollars and above up to about 2000 dollars, depending on the availability of funds.

Posted by Debashish D (26/08/2015)

thank you very very much for the results.

Posted by Sonu (1/09/2015)


Posted by Leyla (15/09/2015)

La Primitiva which I am going to play.