Weekend Lottery Highlights | 2 April’15

With this week being a rather short one, and most people enjoying an extended weekend due to Easter Holidays, all the pressure’s off and players the world over can relax and focus their attentions on their favorite past time – playing lottery online!


Up for grabs from the world’s favorite online lotto service, are astronomical lottery jackpots from the most popular and most beloved games around the world. Tonight sees a midweek draw from Italian SuperEnaLotto and its supplementary game of SuperEna Max.  Once these games are drawn, all focus will be on the exciting weekend lottery draws.  A membership allows you to play in all of the games offered without any restriction or limits.  Play in any and all of your favorite games as you attempt to even out the playing field of lottery winning, and get those odds firmly in your favour.  Let’s shine a spotlight on some of the games players may look out for and play in, this weekend:

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Tonight’s SuperEna game, and the SuperEna Max stand at a life-changing total of €4,6 million and €175 million, respectively.  Although the SuperEna Lottery is a notoriously difficult game to win – a win with this lottery almost definitely means that you will not be sharing your prestigious prize with anyone else, and it also means that easier wins in the lower tiers are quite lucrative in comparison to other world lotto games.

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Staying with Euro Lotto the game of EuroMillions was just recently won, making one single-ticket winner around €78 million richer.  Since then the EuroMillions Lottery has reset and now offers what is still a highly lavish jackpot total of €15 million ahead of its draw on Friday evening.  Another Euro game that sees its draw on Friday evening is the EuroJackpot lotto game.  EuroJackpot offers up €36 million to one or more lucky players as it remains a popular weekend lottery gaming with its singular Friday draws.

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Mega Millions

Over now to the US where we see the world’s most popular lottery game of Mega Millions having its draw tomorrow evening.  Also fresh off a recent win, the Mega Millions Lottery has readjusted to a jackpot of $25 million.  The highly lucrative lotto game has been on a recent spate of generous lottery rewarding, making it the game to look out for this weekend.

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If Mega Millions is the game to look out for, then US Powerball is definitely in second place.  The Powerball has also just been won in recent weeks but, due to a very generous introductory jackpot and rapid rollover rate, has already elevated to a very desirable $60 million ahead of its draw on Saturday. Stand a chance of winning not only a massive jackpot but when playing in the US Lottery games, players also have the distinct advantage of winning millions in the second tier prize category.  US Lotto gives away a standard $1 million to each and every player who places in second place, irrespective of the jackpot total and without having to share – meaning a player could still walk away with a million without having to match the jackpot lucky lotto numbers. Now that’s great lottery right there!

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Your passport to all this lottery playing madness lies with your online PlayHugeLottos registration.  Within just a matter of simple steps you could be off to a winning weekend as a full member of the PHL online lotto brand.  The site offers nothing but the best service in over 11 official world languages and a dedicated; gold-star rated online customer service.  All your entries are guaranteed, your winnings insured and you may play any game you wish as you are under no site obligations when you sign up to play online lotto with

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When will it be my turn to win this big

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I wish i have a Festive win for this Festive weekend.

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Weekends come weekends go, and the hope goes on

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I AM the first SuperEna Max lottery Jackpot winner** (Just letting you know early)

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