Weekly Lottery Recap | 19 March’15

In preparation for the upcoming lottery weekend, let’s recap on the midweek lucky draws from prominent world lotto games like EuroMillions, US Lottery of Mega Millions and Powerball, and UK Lottery; and see what they have in store for world lotto fans.

uk lottery

Starting from the most recent draw, we can observe the UK Lottery and Powerball games having their draws last night.  Up for grabs with UK Lotto was a jackpot of £ 1,364,946.00 awarded to one extremely lucky single-ticket winner.  Nine runner’s up came close to sharing in the jackpot prizing, but with just a match of 5 and the Bonus Ball, the players would have to settle for second place winning to the tune of £ 12,105.00 each. 

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Unlike the frequent prize giving of UK Lottery, US Powerball lottery is known for consecutive rolling over and accumulating over a great deal of weeks.  The current jackpot stands at $50 million due to a lack of winning in last night’s game.  The $40 million went untouched with 2 players so nearly coming close to bagging the top prize winnings.  Instead, their match of 5 earned them a handsome $1 million each in consolation prizing in the second prize category.


euromillions and mega millions lottery

Backtracking to Tuesday evening we could see two world leading lottery games having their midweek draws – US Mega Millions, and EuroMillions. The popular Euro Lotto offered its players a massive €33 million in jackpot winnings, but hopefuls had to settle for second place winnings, where 4 players accurately matched 5 and 1 Star Ball to take home € 273,703.00 each.  Third tier EuroMillions winnings were quite lucratively as well, as it granted a whopping 17 players windfalls of € 21,466.90 each.

Living up to its reputation as the world’s number one lottery game, Mega Millions boasted of a $42 million jackpot.  Just as last night’s Powerball performance, the lottery game had no reply to those seeking first place winnings , and with only one player successful in matching 5 and taking second prize winnings of $1 million. With a match of 4 and the Mega Ball as many as 20 players took home comfortable winnings of $5,000 each, secured in the third tier.

To briefly summate; here are the current jackpot totals for the upcoming weekend lotto draws:

Friday, March 20th

Mega Millions - $51 million

EuroMillions   - $45 milllion

Saturday, March 21st

UK National Lottery - £4 million

Powerball - $50 million

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Posted by Subrat (19/03/2015)

Please a take a risk and try your luck within a few minutes

Posted by NAgaZ8l (19/03/2015)

Maybe Mega Millions**

Posted by Julian (19/03/2015)

Yes I will go for it

Posted by Julian (20/03/2015)

God knows who to give his time and yes I will play this time

Posted by IWw0Ut- (20/03/2015)

Hope to have a lucky weekend with the jackpots!

Posted by Leyla (12/03/2017)

Maybe EuroMillions!