Spot-The-Ball Competition Champion Announced

Spain has made history and proven themselves European football champions for 2012. One lucky player has proven themselves ‘Spot-The-Ball’ champion. Today we announce the winner!

Our Spot-The-Ball Champion

Congratulations to Mrs. B. Minakowska from Brockum, Germany who has made history of her own by winning the very first Spot-The-Ball competition featured on

Mrs. Minakowska won herself a home theatre system valued at £2,000.00 but has opted for taking the cash value of £2,000.00 instead.

Where Was The Ball?

Mrs. Minakowska came the closest out of all the competition contestants at correctly predicting where the ball was located in the picture; she was less than 1 pixel (aggregate) adrift of the centre of the ball.

For the many thousands of contestants wondering where exactly the ball was hiding you can see precisely where it was located below.

Spot the ball

How close were you to the ball?

Although Mrs. Minakowska took home top honours in the competition we had 5 other players who also came very close but unfortunately not close enough. will be crediting each of the runners up with 10 GBP play credit – they have all been contacted personally.

More Competitions To Come In Future

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural Spot-The-Ball competition here at! You can look forward to many more Spot-The-Ball competitions to come in the future. We will also be posting a news item next week showing a report of where players clicked on the image so you can compare your clicks to other players.

Once again, well done to Mrs. Minakowska for taking home the top prize! Our Euro 2012 themed Spot-The-Ball competition has come to an end but there is no need to sit around getting bored waiting for our next competition. You can take part in any (or all) of the biggest lotteries available in the world right now on!

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Posted by Ilya (3/07/2012)


Posted by Surender (3/07/2012)

Dont know if ecerything happens on this site is genuine

Posted by (4/07/2012)

@Surrender, Thanks for your comment! We always value feedback, even if it raises concerns. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the competition - please be assured that everything was run accurately. The image was completely unaltered and every competition entry was recorded correctly. For example, the winning co-ordinates were: X:424,Y:403.05. We will be posting a heat map style image indicating where the entry selections were placed on the photograph. If you concern is regarding our services in general, you can rest assured that we are one of the oldest lottery service providers on the internet and have no intention of running a fraudulent operation. Please feel free to read more about us and our service by following the links in the footer of the site. Thanks again for your comment. We hope you at least enjoyed the mystery of our Spot the Ball competition.

Posted by Julian (4/07/2012)


Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (6/07/2012)

Mr.Surendra i did read your comments and I would say that indeed there are all sorts of scammers on the internet these days but as for this site I must say that with me they have been genuine enough.I do live in India in small town in northern India close to holy city of Varanasi and I did win the competition " In It till you win it and the company or the website has been regularly sending me tickets of my entry so as far as I can say till now they have been genuine.Also another Indian Mr.Thakkar was the winner of grand comitition and won a trip to Monocco.And these people do not boast of fake things they genuinly stated on my several enquiries if they have had a jackpot winnner which they said "No" but have had several winners of second category.And I did enquire that a gentlemen from Mumbai did win around 100K Pund sterling and was paid last year.

Posted by Eguono Sarah (7/07/2012)

I did enjoy the spot the ball competition. quite a challenge to imagine where the ball was. Congratulations to the winner & God bless.