Celebrate Euro 2012 With Spot The Ball Competition

Between 8th June and 1st July 2012 sixteen of the best football nations across Europe will wage war in the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. joins in the fun with an exciting ‘Spot-the-ball’ competition.

As if the excitement of sixteen of the best European footballing nations battling it out for top honours wasn’t enough excitement for you, has joined the party with their very own ‘Spot-the-ball’ competition.

What is a ‘Spot-the-ball’ competition? has created a unique football scene… and then removed the ball from the picture. The aim of the game is to correctly guess where the ball is! It’s as simple as that – if you consider finding an ‘invisible’ ball simple that is.

On the 25th of June 2012, the person who has selected the point in the image that is closest to where the ball is ‘hiding’ will win the prize!

This competition is totally FREE to enter and does not require any cash purchase at all. Here are the ways that you can gain entry into this competition:

• Register a play account on and gain 5 entries (registration is fast and free)

• If you are already a member, don’t worry, simply update your details and gain 4 entries (if your details have not changed simply press the ‘update’ button without making any changes)

• You can log in to your account daily to gain an additional entry each time (limited to one new entry per day)

As you can see, opportunities to win prizes doesn't come any easier than this!

Spot the ball

So what is the prize up for grabs?

Of course we don’t expect you to find an invisible ball and not to be rewarded. The person who has selected the point in the image that is closest to the ball will win themselves a fantastic home cinema system worth £2,000.00! If you already have a home cinema system, don’t worry, you can take the cash instead!

If that sounds good to you then be sure to test your skill on by spotting the ball!


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Posted by Tatiana (9/06/2012)

Very interesting game, I like a lot, I wish good luck to all!