Strangest Hotels You NEED To Stay In (Part.2)

We continue with Part.2 of our list of the Strangest Hotels from around the world.  Part.1 featured dog-shaped hotels, Boeing 747 hotels and an inconspicuous mirrored hotel set above a treetop canopy.  Let’s see if the top of our list can get even stranger: 

Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

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The Palacio de Sal is the world’s only hotel to be entirely made of salt.  This includes the ceiling, flooring, most of the furniture and all the walls.  Construction took up more than one million blocks of salt and salty water was used as mortar.

Crane Hotel, the Netherlands

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The coastal region of Harlingen is home to an authentic dockside crane which has been redesigned and transformed into a modern luxury room for two, complete with bedroom and bathroom.  Since the crane is still fully functional, visitors are allowed to steer it and get a 360 degree view of their surroundings. 

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

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This amazing undersea resort is like living inside an aquarium, but this time we are the pets with the fish looking in.  Guests are able to traverse the lagoon by making use of a 3-person submarine and for further entertainment the resort offers excursions further out on their 16-passenger submarine, as well as other various activities.

Utter Inn, Sweden

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For complete isolation and solitude we recommend Utter Inn.  Situated dead center of Lake Malaren, Utter Inn is a little cabin and a deck situated on a floating platform.  Entry into the cabin leads you to a concealed bedroom 10 feet beneath which is accessible by ladder.  For true adventure and complete isolation, guests may be transferred to their own inflatable canoe and left alone to explore their environment.

Magic Mountain, Chile

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The truly magical, Magic Mountain is situated in the heart of the Hulio Hulio Reserve in Chile.  The cone-shaped structure represents a mountain home with nine luxurious suites, fitted with porthole windows found in various places.  The ‘Mountain’ is built from stone and wood with a waterfall spilling from the highest point and covered in vegetation and greenery.  To add to the enchantment, guests may only get there by crossing a wooden drawbridge.

Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

strangest hotels

Most of the sets of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies were built in New Zealand – which inspired this motel which replicates the Hobbit’s homes.  Visitors may experience a hobbit’s habitat firsthand but are at least given the comfort of living comfortably as the ceilings are built quite a bit here to accommodate guests.


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Posted by Ying Kwong (14/07/2014)

I like Mirrorcube Hotel, it's really awesome!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (14/07/2014)

I like Poseidon Undersea Resort !!! RISKY....

Posted by Ionut (14/07/2014)

Poseidon Undersea Resort... Just what I need... :D It's like having a giant tv in your room, but what you see it's not on tv, it's the real deal

Posted by Krishnan (16/07/2014)

"This amazing undersea resort is like living inside an aquarium, but this time we are the pets with the fish looking in." THIS IS REALLY AMAZING

Posted by IWw0Ut- (18/07/2014)

these resorts are a bit, or perhaps very weird! i would risk being in those resorts....i may never be able to possibly enjoy my win after that!

Posted by Rajesh.r (19/07/2014)

Wow wow beauty

Posted by BASIM (20/07/2014)

It is so nice and amazing but what is the price to be stay in ?

Posted by Edmore (21/07/2014)

Very weird,i would take my family to a place where we will all enjoy the benefits of playing huge lotto