Super Spoil Dad on Father’s Day

Your parents are the most beloved asset in your life.  Though it may often be hard to show them the appreciation they rightfully deserve – they did give you life and raise you after all.  Moms’ and Dads’ the world over, are therefore granted one day in the year to be spoilt and pampered, and showed just how much they mean to us.  With Father’s Day looming this June 15th, have you picked out what you would like to spoil dad with this year?  If you are looking to REALLY surprise dad with something he will without a doubt love, then look no further than our list of luxury gift ideas that your dad will LOVE for Father’s Day:


We know dads, and there is no doubt he would love the Panasonic TH-152Ux1 3D plasma television.  Dubbed as the worlds’ largest 3D TV, this would definitely arouse smiles and sibling envy.  This beast of a plasma will cost you $500,000.  


Now we now cufflinks are a generic Father’s Day gift, but Jacob & Co. really know how to do cufflinks! This, $4.1million per pair, Emerald Cut Canary Diamonds Octagon Cufflinks will bling up dads’ suit like never before.  The most expensive pair dad will ever wear – ever only that is!  


The K1000HS Hybrid Fire Freestanding Grill not only looks boss, but gives dad cooking options of gas, charcoal or wood too.  The range comes with a price tag of $21,195.  


If dad is getting a little round around the waist, time to get him healthy and back in the gym.  If he lives around the New York area get him a membership at one of the most lavish gyms – E at Equinox which offers memberships of $25,000.  Now, that’s motivation to go work out if there ever was.


Another generic gift would be a lawn mower; but get him the John Deere X758 and watch the smile on his face.  This Cadillac of mowers boasts a 3-cylinder diesel engine and goes for $13,339 giving dad the most fun mow he’s had in his life; just try to get him off it.  The bonus here is that mom might love it too.


If dad’s a scotch drinker, shell out for the best like Isabella’s Islay.  The diamond encrusted bottle of Isabella’s goes for $6,2million.  If that’s a little too expensive, try looking at the crystal version for $740,000.


Another obvious gift would be beer, but as you know by now you’re not getting off the hook with some run of the mill liquor store variety.  The Sam Adams Utopia 2014 edition is the king of all beers and drinks more like a sherry or a port.  The Sam Adams collection started in 1994 with founder and brewmaster Jim Koch releasing a 17.5 percent ABV Triple Bock craft beer in a time when craft brewing was largely unheard of.  These experiments evolved till 2002, when the boys at Sam Adams came out with its first Utopia series.  At 24-percent ABV, it is stronger than just about anything on the market. The aged, uncarbonated beer is made in extremely small quantities, and has become kind of a collector's item among beer enthusiasts.  In 2013 only 100 wooden barrels of Utopias were made, so get searching now before it’s too late.  This years’ brew is a full 28-percent ABV at sells at $238 per bottle.


If dads an avid tennis player, have him show off in style at the country club with the Tiffany Silver Tennis Ball Can. The $1,500 tennis ball holder will see him be the envy at the courts, we not sure if it will do anything for his game though.


Provided he is one of those reserved dads’ then why not get him the Geoffrey Parker Monopoly Set.  This edition ranges from $4,290 to $7,570 depending on whether you choose pewter pieces or silver-gilt pieces.   The board comes complete with hand-bound Dauphin calfskin sides, seventy inlays embossed in silver or gold and nearly indestructible leather dice cups.


If dads’ hobby is hunting, why not opt for this Holland and Holland Gun Dog Special Edition rifle.  The genius and beauty is in its styling and design aesthetic, with exquisite detailing and inlays.  There is only five out of ten of these limited edition guns manufactured in 1997 so it’s sure to be any hunters’ prized collection.  This one is a little harder to get hold of and sells for $22,500.

Going with any one of these exclusive and elegant gift ideas will get any dad salivating this Father’s Day, and definitely brand you as being the apple of dads’ eye.  Forking out for some of them may be a little out of budget so why not rely on to lend you a financial hand.  PlayHuge is an online lottery that affords its members guaranteed entry into the world’s largest lottery jackpots, like the US’ Powerball Lottery standing at a staggering $40million – and with 13 lottery games in over 4 continents; they produce more successful winners than any other lottery.  Go ahead and register with PlayHugeLottos to play now, and show dad just how much he is appreciated. 

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Posted by NAgaZ8l (12/06/2014)

I'll spoil him by making him the father to the newest South African Billionaire**

Posted by Vladislav (12/06/2014)

Wow when I become a dad I better teach my children to get me gifts like these.

Posted by Ying Kwong (12/06/2014)

Hope at least one of our member father will hit a big jackpot before Father's Day!

Posted by Balasubramaniam (13/06/2014)

I WILL all the gifts to my DAD !!!!

Posted by NAgaZ8l (13/06/2014)

I'm definitely a daddy's girl** Just wna make him proud**

Posted by Edmore (13/06/2014)

My Dad is late but i thank God my Father in law is coming back home,to a new dispensation...Nothing is Impossib;e

Posted by NAgaZ8l (15/06/2014)

My manifestation shall soon come to be**

Posted by Narendra (14/09/2014)

This is wonderful