Being Interactive With The Lotto

Street artists aren’t the only ones that interact with their surroundings.  So too do huge lottery jackpots that have the ability to capture our creative side. After all, how often have you dreamt up fantastic ways in which you could spend your jackpot win?


Matching all the winning numbers in this Saturday’s $132,000,000 USA Powerball by playing your lucky lotto numbers right here at PlayHugeLottos could definitely inspire anyone to delve deep into their creative streaks.

More often than not however, street art usually disrupts its environment and is mainly aimed to capture our attention. There are street artists out and about however who practice a special technique that makes their street art even more eye-catching and playful by tailoring their art to its surroundings so that their usually 2D works of art seem to interact with their 3D surroundings.

One of the most difficult aspects of doing this type of street art is the fact that each masterpiece must be created for a specific site or even temporary circumstance. Simply painting a stencil or art piece wherever you find a good spot is far from what they achieve. Their ability to think of these stunning art pieces show cases these artists’ wild imaginations – where we see a vine and a brick wall or a railing, they see the opportunity to create something that will make us think or make us smile.

Oak Oak, Banksy, and Ernestas Zacharevičius are just a few examples of artists who regularly create awesome “interactive” street art – interactive in the sense that it interacts directly with its environment and then with us the observers.


Street artists aren’t the only ones who realize the value behind artwork that interacts – these brilliant lottery images, designed by our awesome graphic designer Ryan, right here at PlayHugeLottos, were also designed with one goal in mind – making YOU a millionaire:

Have you noticed a piece of street art in your neighbourhood that cleverly uses its surroundings? If so, let us know about it and let us know what you think about our reminder mailers!

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Posted by Ionut (22/05/2014)

These images are amazing. The best from both worlds: street art and luxury art

Posted by Ying Kwong (22/05/2014)

Awesome graffiti :)

Posted by Johnny (23/05/2014)

Every person there's an instinct, and can express in a different as the pictures above tells. good guys

Posted by Balasubramaniam (23/05/2014)

All the images are very nice creativity !!!!!!

Posted by IWw0Ut- (24/05/2014)

In our town there is a municipal office that has its door practically on the street with a boundry wall. Some artist has paited a que of people leading up to the door which is typical of the rows of people waiting outside the office to be attended too.

Posted by Rajesh.r (25/05/2014)

Wow wow beauty

Posted by Vladislav (8/06/2014)

Nice, but I would prefer to physically interact with that 132 million!