To be seen on TV!

As you might recall, we ran a competition where we asked you to vote on your favourite lottery advert. Your vote secured you a chance to win a fantastic 42” television! We've now selected that winner. Find out who that was after the break ...

The most favoured video was “Prepare for a surprise”, securing nearly 62% of the votes.

(link for mobile viewing)


It was a much closer race between the two runners-up. The first runner-up was “All About the Numbers”, with 22% of the votes.

(link for mobile viewing)


And in last place, we have “The Shock of it All” securing 16% of the votes.

(link for mobile viewing)

And now to announce the winners of the fantastic prizes.

We gave away a Weekly Big5 Bundle for each week of the campaign. The winners were:

Week 1 - D. Kolosok, Russia
Week 2 - M. Raczynski, Poland
Week 3 - E. Ioannou, Greece
Week 4 - I. Raja, India
Week 5 - V. Goncharov, Ukraine

And finally, the winner of the grand prize of the 42” LG LED TV was a very happy Mr. A. Goncalves from the Channel Islands.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for voting for your favourite lotto video. Be sure to watch for up-and-coming competitions. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to be the first to know about all the important lottery action!

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Posted by Rajesh.r (22/03/2012)

What an idea ?

Posted by Dawid (23/03/2012)

You have to send your picture with brand new TV !

Posted by Deyan (26/03/2012)

I like That

Posted by Almerindo (26/03/2012)

Np send wen tv arrive :)

Posted by Almerindo (24/04/2012)

Just to let you all know my 3D tv arrive amazing thx guys very mutch