Lucky Leap Year Lotto Competition

2012 is a Leap Year and that means this February has 29 days instead of the usual 28. This Wednesday the 29th February is thus a very special day as it only occurs once every four years. Talk about a lucky omen!

To celebrate the lucky leap year on Wednesday the 29th February 2012, will be holding a special competition:

Any lotto entry placed between now and midnight GMT on the 29th February that contains the number ‘29’ will go into a special competition draw* to win the following:

1st Prize – £100 Play Credits
2nd Prize – £50 Play Credits
3rd Prize – £25 Play Credit

The lotteries on offer this Wednesday 29th February are the UK Lottery, Powerball, SuperLotto Plus, France Loto and Mega-Sena! The number 29 will be your lucky number in any or possibly ALL of them!

More About The Lucky Leap Year

The phenomenon of the Leap Year arises because the international standard Gregorian Calendar (365 days) is shorter than a full solar year by six hours. Adding an extra day to the calendar once every four years compensates for this problem.

Other interesting facts about lucky leap years:

•    Years that are evenly divisible by four are very often leap years (e.g. 12 divides evenly by 4)

•    In the UK it is a tradition that women may propose marriage to their partner in a leap year

•    In Greece it is considered unlucky to get married in a leap year

•    A person born on the 29th of February is called a 'Leapling' or a 'Leaper'

•    If you were born on the 29th February in China or Hong Kong your birthday is considered legally to be on the 28th February (China) or the 1st March (Hong Kong)

Lucky Leap Year

Leap For Joy This Lucky Leap Year

Hundreds of years ago the 29th February had no recognition in English law and was thus ‘leapt over’ or ignored. Be sure you don’t ignore the five giant jackpots on offer this lucky leap year on Wednesday the 29th February.

This is the one day every four years when a break in the norm is not only accepted but encouraged. Go crazy on

*Judges decision is final. Prize is not redeemable for cash.


Our lucky leap year competition winners are as follows:

Karen R. - £25 Play Credit

Egon S. - £50 Play Credit

Armen M. - £100 Play Credit

All winners have had their play credit added to their accounts. Good luck to all our players for tonight's €68,800,000 SuperEnaLotto draw.

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Posted by LXbeo (28/02/2012)

I am going to spoil my wife so that i can say i only take her out once evethe ry four years

Posted by Daniel (28/02/2012)

how cool would be for me to win the first prize and then with that 100 pounds to win at least oane big jackpot or maybe few of them?would that be a shock for you all?

Posted by ZqTd (28/02/2012)

I've played my ticket with the number 29 - let's hope I win both ;o)

Posted by Ranjan (29/02/2012)

This is just lucky to be born in this date

Posted by Rajesh.r (29/02/2012)


Posted by Muhammad (1/03/2012)

Oh My Gooooooooooooood!!!!! I used x2 multiplier and I have matched 4 numbers!!!! Number 29 was among them!!!. Thank you!!!! Your suggestion was badly needed! Do it again pleeeeeeese!!