Czech Player Gets Lucky With Comment On Lottery News

What is the first thing that you would buy if you won 190 million Euros in the Euromillions lottery?
When asked this question, Soňa M. replied with…

"The first thing I would buy is a new CD player and a new CD, to give our son days of great music. Music opens the heart, and my son loves music and dancing."

Original comment  in Czech: “První vec, kterou bych si koupila by byl nový CD prehrávac a nové CD, abychom meli se synem všechny dny plné krásné hudby a mohli porád tancovat, protože hudba otevírá srdce a muj syn hudbu a tanec miluje.”

This really captured the imagination of and (our Czech and Slovakian facing brand) as it seemed to bring what would be a massive win, ‘down-to-earth’ somewhat. The reality is that most people’s very first purchases probably would be something much simpler than they imagined.

“We were really caught off guard by the comment, not in a bad way of course, it just seemed really out of the ordinary. When we ask for similar commentary we get things like ‘I’d buy a house’ or ‘I’d buy a sports car’, so when you get a response this honest, it’s almost humbling.“ said Juan Furmie, a spokesman.

Mr. Furmie continues, “We instantly decided we had to do something special for her. It was not a difficult wish to fulfill and we were happy to brighten someones day by arranging the gift.”

Czech Comment Winner

Soňa was absolutely overjoyed when receiving a call from our friendly Czech team and couldn’t believe she’d been surprised with such a thoughtful gift.

“The very first CD that we played [with] our new super Hi-Fi were songs from fairy tales, which my son picked himself and we played it over and over three times. He was dancing for almost an entire three hours and laughing all the time - he was very happy. Thank you that you conjured a smile on his face with your good heart.”

We wish Soňa the best of luck in her future with and we hope that next time we call her; it’s to tell her that she has won the Euromillions lottery here on

Stay tuned to the Lottery news pages on and you might be in for a surprise yourself one of these days.

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Posted by Rajesh.r (24/02/2012)

Its 'a cool cool damakka. Best of luck all.

Posted by Stuart (25/02/2012)

Hi everyone! err... i think the first thing i would buy will be a huge safe to keep a big bundle of cash at hand for all those "impulse buys" i will be doing! GRREATT...!!

Posted by Sajith (26/02/2012)

cool.....i will buy one of the butifull house and luxurious house in india...infact world...hahaha

Posted by Madhu Malti (27/02/2012)

I would plan to do charity for orphan children/old aged person and will certainly do something for my poor friends (...though I also belong to this category...LOL)

Posted by Tomas (18/03/2012)

Moc rád jsem si přečetl komentář od další Česky, která hraje prostřednictvím Jsem rád, že se líbil i administrátorům a teamu PHL. Sám hraji od doby, co jsem byl v UK na studiích a nemůžu si vynachválit. Jen kdyby přišla už nějaká tá výhra :)