Vote For Your Favourite Lottery Video

Tyler Durden was wrong; you ARE a beautiful and unique snowflake! Well, at least that’s what we here at like to think – which is why we want YOU to vote in our Lottery Video Voting competition!

In case the mere act of making your mark and voting in our lottery video competition wasn’t reward enough, don’t worry, we have plenty of prizes to giveaway which will definitely make it worth your while to vote.

But first some background information…

On The Lookout For a Lottery Advert

Ever on the lookout for new and interesting ways to convey the excitement of playing the lottery, recently went on the lookout for a video that could be used in a TV ad.

We painstakingly narrowed the field down to three lottery videos. These are the videos that we personally felt best express the magic of playing (and winning) the lottery. Now, we want YOU, our loyal lottery player, to help us decide which of the three lottery videos is the best.

Video Voting

How You Can Vote For Your Favourite Lottery Video

It’s simple, and there are potential prizes up for grabs when you make your mark (but more on that later), here is how to vote:


  1. Go to our lottery video voting page
  2. Watch the three lottery videos (click on the thumbnail images to view them)
  3. Vote for your favourite lottery video (click on the blue banner with the words “Vote for Video”)
  4. Submit your details (even if you are logged in you will still need to do this)
  5. Congratulations, you have now successfully voted (and are also now entered into the competition to receive fantastic prizes)
  6. Share the competition on Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ to gain more entries 

Prizes Up For Grabs

There has been a lot of talk about competitions and prizes… so just what exactly is up for grabs here?

  • Every week of the competition a “Big 5” Lottery Bundle will be given to a random voter (prizes drawn each Monday between now and the 20th March)
  • At the end of the competition (20th March) an amazing 42” LG LED Television (valued at € 1000) will be given to one lucky winner

Remember, you can increase your chance of winning by increasing the number of entries you have in the competition. To do this, simply share with your friends for additional entries.

You Are Special And Your Voice Counts…

…But of course you don’t need us to tell you that! Use that voice of yours to leave a powerful mark in our lottery video voting competition. Vote for your favourite lottery video today!

May the best video win!

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Posted by Rajesh.r (8/02/2012)


Posted by Samson (8/02/2012)

An unique idea for publicity

Posted by Rajendra (11/02/2012)

best video win best of luck to all

Posted by Sreenivas (22/02/2012)

This is one of the finest opportunity to participate & best of luck

Posted by Aiken (23/02/2012)

hope have spread to the world

Posted by ZqTd (28/02/2012)

I've entered ... BTW how many entries are we allowed?

Posted by (29/02/2012)

@Rita - Only one vote is allowed per player. You can increase your chance of winning by sharing your vote with your friends. Best of Luck!