Eleven lottery players are now In It Til They Win It!

The 2011/2012 In It Til You Win It competition has come to an end and has shown just how excited our lottery players are to be in every draw (until they win the jackpot).

Here is the list of the eleven lucky lotto players that scooped this sought after prize.

And the lucky winners are:

- Z. Rosół from Poland wins the France Loto prize

- R. Da Silva Antunes from Brazil wins the Oz Powerball prize

- A. Salamon from Australia wins the UK Lottery prize

- M.J. Ali Khan from India wins the MegaMillions prize

- S. Rapoport from Russia wins the SuperEna Lotto prize

- M. Marko from Slovakia wins the SuperLottoPlus prize

- U. Stieglitz from Germany wins the EuroMillions prize

- J. Prieto from Chile wins the Mega Sena prize

- A. Grab-kälin from France wins the USA Powerball prize

- T. Norlin wins the El Gordo prize

- T. Kjærlund wins the Oz Lotto prize


Free Lotto Tickets

All our lucky lottery ticket winners have been contacted personally and have had their lotto play accounts credited with their winnings.

Their entries will automatically be placed in every lottery draw, eliminating the risk of missing out on any of the exciting lotto action and taking them one step closer to the Big Prize!

Congratulations once again to our winners, and thank you to all our players for taking part. Stay tuned to for more great competitions in 2012.

Talking about big prizes: the US Powerball lottery currently stands at an astounding $200,000,000. Be sure to get your entries in before the close of the draw on Saturday, 4 Feburary, 2012!

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Posted by Rajesh.r (6/02/2012)

Gods may no help .what an idea millaniars.

Posted by Mohd Jahanzeb (26/02/2012)

Good way to start I suppose for me but the actual fun and excitement comes when the quickpick generates the exact combination for winning the jackpot.But anyway let us wait and see when the lady luck shines on me being the winner of in it till you win it for USA Mega Millions