EuroMillions Winner is Instantly Richer Than Tom Jones!

On October the 10th, 2019, a new record-breaking jackpot winner was announced just two days after the massive October 8th EuroMillions draw. One lucky winner managed to win the whopping £170,221,000 jackpot - the most that anybody has ever won in EuroMillions lottery draw history.

The Mysterious Winner

The lucky winner, who has opted to stay anonymous, collected his winnings in Camelot just two days after the October 8th draw. He was the only ticket holder who matched all the numbers correctly and, therefore, won the entire jackpot for himself. He chose to stay anonymous because he said that he didn’t want any fame - or infamy!

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EuroMillions Winner is Instantly Richer Than Tom Jones!

His Lucky Numbers

In order to win the jackpot, the EuroMillions record-breaking winner had to match all 5 of the main lottery draw’s numbers, as well as the 2 bonus numbers. The numbers he chose that matched the draw numbers were: 7, 10, 15, 44, and 49. The two bonus numbers (called lucky stars) that he matched were 3 and 12.

What Happens Now?

This mystery man won the jackpot after the longest series or rollovers in EuroMillions history, resulting in a £170,221,000 jackpot. The Senior Winner’s Advisor, Andy Carter, from EuroMillions said that him and his team will ensure that they support and help guide the ticket holder to spend and invest his money wisely as they help him deal with his life-changing win.

One of the Richest People in England

Winning this extraordinary jackpot has pushed the mystery winner straight onto The Sunday Times Rich List. He has even managed to place above Sir Tom Jones, who has accumulated an estimated £165 million throughout his long and illustrious career. This means that the EuroMillions winner is actually over £5 million richer than Sir Tom Jones.

He is also now instantly wealthier than a large range of other notable British people, including the singer Adele (worth £150 million), sportsman Rory McIlroy (worth £138 million), sportsman Gareth Bale (worth £94 million), and sportsman Anthony Joshua (worth £49 million).

Previous Notable Winners

The previous biggest EuroMillions winners were Colin Weir and Chris Weir hailing from Largs in North Ayrshire, Scotland, who managed to win a comparable £161 million in July, 2011.

A close third-biggest winner was the Bayfords, Adrian and Gillian, from Suffolk, England, who took home just over £148 million in August, 2012. The fourth-biggest previous EuroMillions winner comes in quite a bit lower with a £114.9 million win. This jackpot was won by Frances and Patrick Connolly on New Year’s Day, 2019.

The fifth and sixth biggest winners also occurred in 2019, in March and April respectively. They were Ade Goodchild who won a £71 million prize and an anonymous ticket holder who won £35.2 million.

EuroMillions Winner is Instantly Richer Than Tom Jones!

Why You Should Enter EuroMillions

Every single player who enters the EuroMillions lottery is contributing to a large range of charities and good causes, as a percentage of each ticket purchased is donated. Around £30 million is raised each week through EuroMillions for charity. These charitable donations support everything from small local community projects to large projects like supporting the UK’s elite athletes.

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