Lottery Winners Houses: before & after

In life, there are a few significant expenses we spend years saving for. Even after that, most of us have to take out substantial loans to achieve our goals. You know the expenses we’re talking about; things like luxury cars, and roofs over our heads. These are sums the majority of us only dream of being able to pay in one go.

When a lottery win comes knocking, that’s precisely what we can do. While lottery winners do splash out on luxury vacations and lavish items, they also take care of practicalities. For instance, it’s proven that the majority of big-time winners buy new cars within months. Of course, there’s plenty of evidence that big houses go alongside sizeable prize pots. Lottery winners literally get to buy their dream houses without worry. Plus, most of them do so in style.

Lottery Winners Houses: before & after

If you can’t get the idea of owning a large house outright out of your mind, playing the lottery could see your dream to reality. For proof, let’s consider a few of the before and after living situations of our favourite winners.

The wish of the Weirs

Way back in 2011, Colin and Christine Weir became the happy winners of €161 million on the Euromillions. That’s a pretty cool sum which earned them the accolade of the largest lottery winners in Britain. Plus, it’s an amount of money which changed their living fortunes for good.

Lottery Winners Houses: before & after

Previously residing in a cramped three-bedroom home in Largs, Ayrshire, the pair invested in an £850,000 renovation property just a month after their win. Since buying the property, sources report that the pair converted old potting sheds into wine cellars and offices. However, their property splurges didn’t end there. According to reliable sources, the couple also invested in a slightly more excessive £3million Frognal house in 2014. Well, why not when you’re Britain’s largest lottery winners?

Only Trotters and horses

Up until one Friday night in 2014, Neil Trotter was running a repair garage in London and living in his modest South London home. After the purchase of one Euromillions ticket, his life changed to the sum of €107.9m. While that doesn’t quite live up to the fortunes of the Weirs, it isn’t far off.

Lottery Winners Houses: before & after

Of course, lifelong car fanatic Trotter turned to upgrading his vehicle first. It wasn’t long before he turned to the property market. No longer satisfied with the humble house he had been living in until then, Trotter spent a great deal of his fortune on a £5 million house, complete with 400 acres, eight bedrooms, and a private lake.

They aren’t alone...

These aren’t the only instances of lottery winners shaking the shackles of modest living. In the case of most big wins, there’s a pretty substantial home upgrade somewhere along the line. If you fancy the chance to spread your living wings (so to speak) in the same way, we suggest that you buy a ticket into any of our top online lotteries now.

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