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Lotteries have been in existence for centuries and so too has the French National Lottery which was established way back in 1505. Let’s take a look at this amazing French lottery. You’ll be surprised to find out just how interesting it is.

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King Francis I was the first to introduce the lottery to his citizens, however, it ended up being banned not long after for just over two centuries. The reason it finally got banned was due to the fact that it turned into a struggle between the monarchy and the Church for control of the lotteries.

In the 17th century, the French lottery reappeared as a "public lottery" for the Paris municipality.

In 1954, it needed a revamp to boost its popularity as it had plunged since the arrival of the Tiercé. It worked and the Loto we know and love today is incredibly popular in France.

In 1975, Jacques Chirac, the former president of France signed the decree creating the “France Loto”.

It’s managed by Française des Jeux, a government-owned company that has a monopoly on lottery management in France. France Loto results can be found right here and draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 pm local time in Paris, France.

Interesting facts about the France Loto:

  • Biggest France Loto jackpot – €24 million (June 2011). It was won by a single ticket who matched the France Loto winning lottery numbers 10, 13, 22, 30, 45, and the additional number 1.
  • France Loto’s second largest jackpot was won on May 19th, 2014, the jackpot rolled over until it hit €23 million, and was also won by a single ticket.
  • Starting jackpot – €2 million (excluding special event draws)
  • €1 million would be added to the jackpot if in the draw held there is no jackpot winner
  • The jackpot can roll over 34 times before it is split between the next highest tier winners
  • Winnings of the France Loto are tax-free.

How to play France Loto:

Similar to the American lotto games, Mega Millions and Powerball, the France Loto also works by randomly drawing balls from two different drums. Lottery players select 6 number in total - five numbers from a possible 49 (standard ball selection), and one number from a possible 10 (the Lucky Number selection). To win the jackpot all 6 lottery numbers need to match.

France Loto players also have the opportunity to play a Quick pick. This play option randomly chooses numbers to play.

How to Play France Loto Online

Just like all the amazing international lotto games available right here, online lottery players do not have to be in Paris to buy a France Loto ticket.

All you have to do is register on and select France Loto and follow the prompts.

The country of love

With France known as the country of love and romance, online lottery players might be interested to know that France used to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an annual event called “une loterie d'amour,” or “a lottery of love.”

The lottery aimed to pair up single men and women on the most romantic day of the year. Men looking for a partner settled into houses on one side of a street and single women filled the houses on the other side. They called to one another from open windows and eventually paired up. The event was a comical, yet efficient way for single folks on Valentine’s Day to find a date for the evening and perhaps even their soulmate.

It's true that money can't buy love, but you sure can have a lot of fun trying! Get those lucky numbers in while you still can, and if Lady Luck has her way, you could soon be playing Cupid with Millions!

And of course, once you're in the money, that's when the real excitement begins. The minute the jackpot reflects in your account, the spending will begin! Particularly when jewellery, perfume, gadgets and other bedazzled items are the order of the day.

You could get his and hers matching mugs but that’s so 2018! It’s a New Year and time to get your partner an unforgettable gift, like his and her cars!

Play to win these jackpots and you could buy the gifts you both deserve.

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