10 Interesting US Powerball facts players should know

The Powerball draw is a familiar part of the lottery landscape, and has experienced even higher participation numbers since the introduction of the ability to play Powerball online. However, while everyone has heard of the Powerball, there are a few interesting facts about the draw that are less well-known...

#1 - The stores that sell winning tickets win too

While overseas players tend to play the lottery online, there’s an extra bonus for retail stores in the US if they sell a winning ticket. The bonus totals an impressive $25,000, which is taken from regular sales and commissions rather than the jackpot winner. When you win, someone else wins too, play US Powerball now.

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Interesting Powerball Facts Players Should Know

#2 - No state is “luckier” than others

Over the past 13 years, 16 Powerball jackpot winners have been based in Pennsylvania - but this is pure, random chance. All players, regardless of their location, have an equal opportunity to win the Powerball, including those who play online.

#3 - Winners have to obtain confirmation

Holding a ticket, either bought online or in-store, that looks like a winning ticket is not enough to claim the jackpot. All possible winning tickets have to be verified and confirmed prior to the win becoming official.

#4 - Trying to cash in a false ticket can lead to criminal charges

The specific penalties vary by state but, in some jurisdictions, trying to cash in a fake ticket can lead to criminal charges being brought.

#5 - No winner is good news for the jackpot

The Powerball jackpot rolls over if there are no winners and will continue climbing. This is why some jackpots are notably large; it’s not a special draw, just an accumulation of a lack of winners over recent weeks or months.

#6 - Central computers know if a winning ticket has been sold

A central computer at the Multi-State Lottery Association is able to tell organizers if a winning ticket has been sold for each draw, so the organization knows whether to expect winning claims or prepare for a rollover.

Interesting Powerball Facts Players Should Know

#7 - Some customers have to decide whether to pursue the cash or annuity option when they buy their ticket

The rules vary, but some states require the cash or annuity option to be selected when making their purchase.

#8 - The annuity option pays over 29 years

Players who choose this option will receive their winnings in 30 separate payments over the course of 29 years. The amount they will receive each year fluctuates depending on the security investments Powerball make, though winners are guaranteed to receive at least the annual prize payment.

#9 - Tickets need to be claimed within 180 days of the draw

The time period does vary somewhat from state-to-state, but the general period allowed for winners to come forward is 180 days.

#10 - States choose how lottery funds are allocated

Education, wildlife programs, and local emergency services are all common choices for Powerball funds to be allocated to by states. Often the funds are split among numerous causes, though some states focus specifically on one area; for example, Pennsylvania allocates its funds to senior programs only.

Remember: you can play Powerball online for a convenient way to take part in this famous lottery game. Good luck!

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