Iraqi player wins big with a US Lottery

When it comes to inspirational lottery winner’s stories, it’s hard to beat the tale of an Iraqi man who won millions of dollars with the US lottery.

Iraqi player wins big with a US LotteryIn 2015, a 37-year-old father living in Baghdad, Iraq, took a call on his phone, which would turn his life upside down. Three months before that conversation, the man had signed up with an online lottery site that enabled him to play international lotteries. Shortly after registering to play the lottery online in Europe and the US, he spoke to an operator in Oregon, who confirmed that he had scooped the Oregon Megabucks jackpot of $6.4 million. This unexpected telephone call wasn’t a prank. It was a legitimate call that changed everything in an instant.

At the time, the lottery winner was flabbergasted, and he initially thought that he had won a much smaller prize. When the sum was revealed, it took a long time for the news to sink in, but the man was understandably overjoyed. After taking the call in August, the delighted online lottery winner was invited to collect his prize, and he travelled from Baghdad to the state of Oregon in December.

A true fairytale of a lottery winner’s story, this tale of triumph is likely to inspire others to play the lottery online, but how is it possible to enter international lotteries, and what are the benefits of signing up online?

Playing the US lottery online

Playing the lottery online has been around for years, but the possibility of entering lotteries in different countries may be news to some. The lottery winner featured in this captivating story was able to throw his hat into the ring by playing online. By playing the lottery online, players use systems that are designed to benefit international players and open games up to more players, it’s possible for non-residents to enter games in countries like the US and many others.

Iraqi player wins big with a US LotteryPlaying the lottery online offers a raft of advantages for players eager to give it a go and try and win big. Perhaps the most significant benefit of playing the lottery online is convenience it what the means for players.

  • Registering online gives players the ability to enter competitions and draws without leaving the house or having to join huge queues at the store or driving around desperately trying to find a ticket vendor.
  • Playing online affords the flexibility to get involved at any time of day at the click of a button, and there’s less pressure related to entering by a certain time on a specific day. Online lotteries are available 24/7 and have no closing hours like a ticket vendor.
  • Online players can also enjoy access to incentives, such as freebies, discounts, deals and promotions, that aren’t available to those who buy a physical ticket in a shop.
  • Winners receive notifications of their success through phone calls, emails and sms.

It's easy to assume that US jackpots are won by US players, but the story of an Iraqi man who won more than $6 million on an Oregon lottery shows that anything is possible.

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The first step to winning is playing the lottery, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you Zeljko!

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