What is the Mega Sena Lottery?

Learn more about the Brazilian Mega Sena, how it works, what it's about, special draws and more. If you are wondering which lottery to play, this might be the one for you!

Lotteries offer players more than just a new bank balance. Winning the jackpot could change their lives, it gives winners access to better resources and better opportunities. It’s a player’s shot at living the life they’ve only dreamt of. But lotteries don’t only affect the jackpot winners, did you know that others are benefiting from it too? Let’s find out how one lottery impacts an entire country.

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Get to know Mega Sena

Many will already be familiar with this lottery as it’s a crowd favourite. Like many other lotteries, playing Mega Sena is simple. Every player needs to select 6 unique numbers out of 60. If a player matches all 6 numbers they win the massive jackpot. What if you just missed the mark and only matched 5? Then secondary prizes could be yours too!

You can get the latest Mega Sena results right here and the draw occur every Wednesday and Saturday so in one week players have twice the chance to change their lives and their bank balance.

Get to know Mega Sena

New Years draw

Besides Mega Sena which runs throughout the year, a Mega Da Virada draw takes place once a year every New Years Eve. This draw helps someone start their new year with a massive smile and a massive jackpot. The Mega Da Virada jackpot is made up from percentages of sales made from Mega Sena tickets. So while the size of the Mega Da Virada jackpot will differ every year, a massive jackpot is still guaranteed.

Mega Sena and Caixa

With the motivation to be the ‘bank of all Brazilians’, Caixa has been around for over 150 years and serves 28 million clients. With a proven track record, it’s no real surprise that they’ve become the third largest financial institution in total assets in Brazil.

Caixa acts as a one-stop institution for Brazilians, whether you need to perform bank transactions, receive payments from the Federal Government social programs or you need help with housing, Caixa can help.

The bank has connections to the Ministry of Finance and history with the Federal Government when it acted as a partner in the housing, infrastructure and sanitation sectors to contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

Caixa also operates government funds like the Student Funding Program, Social Housing Guarantee Fund and the Social Development Fund. They also hold federal lotteries that contributes to Federal Government social programs.

Lotteries don’t only change the lives of jackpot winners, they impact large communities too.

If you’d like to know exactly how Mega Sena is divided, here’s how everything works out:

Sector Percentage value
Total Award 51%
National Fund for Culture  3%
Brazilian Olympic Committee  1.7%
Brazilian Paralympic Committee  1%
Gross Award  45.3%
Federal Income Tax  13.59
Liquid Award  31.71%
social Security  18.10%
FIES -Credit Education  7.76%
National Penitentiary Fund  3.14%
Desp. of Cost and Manut. services  20%
Administration Fee  10%
Lottery Commission  9%
FDL - Fundo Develop. of the Lotteries  1%
Gross Income   100%
Additional Ministry of Sport  4.5%
Total collection  104.5%

While so much is done using lottery funds, none of the above percentages comes from the jackpot you’re playing for. If the Mega Sena jackpot is $15 000 000, that is the jackpot you’re playing for. All deductions are made prior to jackpots being advertised.

So the next time you buy a Mega Sena lottery ticket, you’ll know exactly how money is being spent. Do you know of another lottery that helps the community? Comment below and let us know!

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