How to Play El Gordo de Navidad

The El Gordo de Navidad is without a doubt the world’s biggest jackpot, at a mind-blowing €2.24 billion. This fantastic Spanish Raffle, known as the “Fat One” is back again and super-excited raffle buyers are once again ready to claim their share of the €2.24 billion prize-fund.

Who can play El Gordo de Navidad?

Anyone can play El Gordo de Navidad. As long as you have an internet connection and a few quid to buy an El Gordo de Navidad ticket, you can be part of this incredible Spanish Christmas Raffle. 

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For those that have had the pleasure to travel to Spain and you found yourself there on December 22nd, you know just how exciting the El Gordo de Navidad really is.

When did El Gordo de Navidad begin?

The Spanish Christmas lottery - known officially as the Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad - began in 1812, and first used the name “Sorteo de Navidad” in 1892. This history means that the lottery is the second-longest continuous lottery in the world. The draw even continued during the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939). There's really nothing stopping you from playing El Gordo today! 

Interestingly, the term “El Gordo” is not the actual name of the Lottery. The term “El Gordo” is actually just the Spanish for “the big one”, and is used to apply to any top prize in any Spanish lottery. Nevertheless, for English speakers at least, the term “El Gordo” has become synonymous with the Spanish Christmas lottery.

El Gordo Navidad Spanish Christmas Raffle

When can I play El Gordo de Navidad?

Online El Gordo de Navidad players can select from a range of different tickets. These all have different number combinations. All you have to do is select the ones you like to buy shares (décimos) of and pay for them using the best payment method available online for your particular region.

Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive a unique transaction ID. After that, all you have to do is wait for the draw to take place on the 22nd of December.

If your ticket is drawn and you become an El Gordo de Navidad winner, you will receive a results mailer informing you of the winning numbers and any matches you may have had.

If you would still like to find out everything you need to know about the world’s biggest raffle click the link.

98% of Spanish adults take part in the El Gordo Navidad celebrations, even if they don’t play other international lotteries. The number of tickets available for this raffle is LIMITED as the draw gets closer – make sure you get your tickets well before the draw closes on the 21st of December at!

This draw only happens once a year…it’s an event not to be missed! You can make this year’s Christmas one of the best yet! 

What can players win?

The amount each ticket wins varies, with one first prize: “El Gordo”. Winning “the big one” is worth €4,000,000. From El Gordo, there are then a number of tiered prizes.

  • Second prize is worth €1,250,000
  • Third prize is worth €500,000
  • Fourth prize is worth €200,000, and can be won twice
  • Fifth prize is worth €60,000, and can be won eight times
  • Sixth prize - “La Pedrea” awards 1,794 prizes of €1,000.
  • There are additional lower-tier prizes, right down to 9,999 prizes of €200.

A ticket for the Spanish Christmas Lottery

Tickets for the Spanish Christmas lottery are available at  Our local lottery agents will purchase tickets on your behalf and we’ll inform you if you land any of jackpots.

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