Mega Millions Winner Proposes After Winning $1M

In South Carolina, one lucky man has won $1 million on the Mega Millions lottery. After claiming his winnings and realizing that he can now afford to spoil his girlfriend, he followed the win up with a proposal! Continue reading to hear more about this happy Mega Millions story. 

It’s a very good thing that the winner’s girlfriend said yes otherwise the magic of the Mega Millions win would all be gone. The pair had plenty to celebrate in that one day. “You’re going to see me in a tuxedo,” the winner told his partner as he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. 

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Mega Millions Lottery Winner Gets Engaged


The happy couple told lottery officials that their lucky numbers were chosen using a combination of family birth dates. It looks like the chance they took on buying themselves a ticket paid off because they matched five main numbers in the Tuesday, September 19th draw which won them an instant $1 million. 

With so much more money in the bank, the engaged couple told lottery winners that they can’t wait to start a life together. “And we’re going to live a normal life. This win won’t change us,” said the excited bride. The winner said that after they bought the ticket, they didn’t think much of it and didn’t check it immediately after the draw. 

It was only when they overheard someone talking about a winning ticket bought from the Circle K store on Folly Road, Charleston, that they remembered to check their ticket. They rushed to their kitchen to find the ticket and check the numbers. It was right then and there that they discovered they had matched the numbers 9-28-31-50 and 61. 

“I feel blessed,” said the winner as he collected his cheque with his new fiancé by his side. The pair are very excited to plan their wedding as they have the money to make it a fairy-tale night to remember. 

Mega Millions has made countless winners over the years and with the new game changes coming on October 31st, you can expect MUCH bigger jackpots. 

Get your tickets for the next draw today and stand a chance to become richer than your wildest dreams. With millions of Dollars in the bank, a whole new world will open up for you. 

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Posted by PRADIP (19/10/2017)

my heartiest congratulations to him.

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after winning by me 1 m $ or + + , then i will propose for .....

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Congratulations and a good luck to them.

Posted by PRADIP (23/10/2017)

i m very much excited, because same things will be happen in my life.

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everybody want their happy married life, after money has been reached to him, so......

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that day will come in my life.

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GOD is all mighty, how heaven's blessings will burst on people's life, one GOD knows !!

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i m eagerly waiting for that happy moment.

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i hope my happy days are very close.

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really, marriage is very very interesting things, without money it's only "dream" !!

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All the Best.

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