Irish EuroMillions Player Wins €28.9 Million Jackpot

Europe’s most popular lottery game, EuroMillions lotto, has made hundreds of lucky players millionaires overnight. Recently, a lucky player from Ireland won a huge jackpot of €28.9 million and we finally know where the winning ticket was bought. Read further to discover the full story. 

Not long ago, a lucky EuroMillions player won £87 million in the highly anticipated Superdraw. The EuroMillions never ceases to make someone’s dream of winning a jackpot a reality, because a few weeks later, this amazing win happened to an Irish player. 

According to lottery officials, the winner has made contact with the National Lottery, and the process of validating his identity and claiming his winnings has begun. We still don’t exactly know who the winner is yet, though. All we know so far is that the winning EuroMillions ticket was bought in County Mayo, from a shop in Castlebar called Garryduff Stores. 

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This big EuroMillions prize was won for the second Friday in a row, on the 7th of July. The winning EuroMillions numbers for the draw were 11-20-35-37 and 45. The two Lucky Stars were 3 and 6. Whoever the person is, they are indeed very lucky because they matched ALL of these numbers! Lottery officials haven’t given more detail about the win, so the winning ticket could even belong to a syndicate and not just a single player. 

The holder of the winning ticket will be expecting the arrival of their money very soon. “This is an incredible amount of money to win and we are delighted to have another winner of EuroMillions in Ireland,” said a spokesperson from the National Lottery. 

National Lottery officials have said that they prefer not to rush their winners in making rash decisions with their money. On the contrary, in fact. They encourage winners to remain calm and take their time when making decisions for as to what they would like to do with their winnings. They encourage the winners to inform their close family and friends before the news gets splashed all over the newspapers. 

There is a deadline to collect EuroMillions winnings. It is 90 days. After that, the winner will forfeit the money and it will go to the government to fund charity causes. 

This lucky winner is the 11th EuroMillions jackpot winner in Ireland since the popular game’s inception in 2004. The only way you can ever hope to win big is if you enter the game! 

Play your lucky numbers today – you never know what they could bring you! 

Best of luck! 

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