The Strangest Things Lottery Winners Have Bought

Winning vast amounts of money can make you do strange things. We forget that those who win lottery jackpots are no different to you and me – except sometimes they can be a little eccentric and choose to spend their money on weird and wonderful things! Today we’ll be exploring some strange items that lottery winners have spent their money on. 

Strangest things lottery winners have bought

1. John Kutey built himself a water park. 


Lottery Millionaire Spendings


Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned sports car and a mansion? Not for John, apparently! After cashing in his staggering $28.7 million Mega Millions jackpot, he and his wife chose to donate some of their money to a plot of land in order to build a water park in honour of their parents. That’s nice. A bit odd, but nice nonetheless. 

They donated a total of $200,000 in order to construct the “Spray Park” in Green Island, New York. 


2. Evelyn Adams went to Atlantic City. 


Lottery Millioniare Gambling


This lady was extremely lucky, but how she spent her winnings wasn’t a very smart move. The New Jersey native won the lottery twice, once in 1985 and the other time in 1986. In total, she became worth $5.4 million. 

She started to get cocky and thought she was luckier than most individuals after winning the lottery twice. She wanted to make her fortune even larger, so she decided to go to Atlantic City to play games at the casino in hopes of winning big. 

She pushed her luck because today she’s penniless and living in a trailer park due to all of her winnings being gambled away. 


3. Louise White started a trust named after a dessert. 


Lottery Millioniare Trust Fund


In 2012, a lottery winner from Newport, Rhode Island, bought a rainbow sherbet just before buying a lucky lottery ticket that would win her $336.5 million. 

In honour of the lucky dessert, she started the “Rainbow Sherbert Trust” that would aim to help her closest friends and family. 


4. Bob Erb advocated marijuana legalisation. 

Lottery Millionaire Activist

Bob was a marijuana activist before he became $25 million richer in 2012. He bought himself a ticket on his way to his father’s funeral in Calgary. Bob had been playing the lottery regularly for almost 43 years. He’s a construction worker who planned to continue donating his wages to the food bank. He also donated $1 million of his prize toward 420 Day, an annual event supporting the legalisation of Weed. 


5. Janite Lee Turned to Politics.

Lottery Millionaire

In 1993, Janite won $18 million. Originally a wig maker in South Korea, she shared a large portion of her winnings to support the Democratic Party at the time of the elections. It turns out she was too charitable because of her donations, along with her constant gambling and credit card debt – made her bankrupt by 2001.  


6. Vivian Nicholson Went On An Endless Shopping Spree. 

Millioniare Shopping Spree

There’s nothing wrong with going on a shopping spree after you win a lot of money. But shopping until you’ve used up absolutely all of your money? Now that’s a bit weird. Vivian won a fortune in Britain’s football pools back in 1961. She won the equivalent of £3 million today. 

She started off with buying expensive dresses from Harrods, several luxury cars and travelled all over the US and Europe. These days, her closet is filled with the most luxurious clothes, but her wallet is sadly empty! 


7. Michael Carroll started a nasty cocaine habit. 


Bad Millionaire Addictions


Michael Carrol won $15.8 million on the UK Lottery and spent it all very quickly on cocaine, luxury cars and a home-made race track. According to reports, he spent a staggering $3,000 on cocaine every single day. 

As one can imagine, it eventually led to him selling his mansion after losing all his wealth. 


8. Jonathan Vargas started his own female wrestling TV show.

Millionaire's Wrestling Show

Jonathan spent a total of $35 million (all of his lottery winnings) on a brand new house for his mother as well as his very own TV show. He called it “Wrestlicious” and it featured scantily clad women wrestling in a pink ring. The show didn’t become a hit, unsurprisingly, and it had to be closed. 


9. Suzanne Mullins didn’t think ahead. 

Lottery Millionaire Gone Bankrupt

Suzanne won a large amount of money on the US lottery, which she decided to have paid out in monthly instalments. She took out a large loan from the bank and thought she could pay it off with each of her lottery instalments, but the debt grew fast and she was struggling to pay it off. The debt was eventually worth more than her lottery winnings and she filed for bankruptcy. 

After you get your big online lottery win, don’t make the same mistakes as these people did. A lottery win is a blessing and shouldn’t be wasted or squandered. So much money can change your life for the better. Don’t let it change you for the worse!

Play the lottery online today and make your dream fortune a reality! 

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