5 Places To Visit After You Win Mega Millions

As a lottery player, you’ve probably created a travel bucket-list. If you haven’t done that yet, it's okay. That's why we’re here. Today we’ll be taking you through 5 of the most spectacular sights you have to see after scooping a massive lotto win on Mega Millions!

Take to the skies with Mega Millions

There are incredible places on this Earth that we have to see with our own eyes. Pictures will never do them any justice. These 5 places are a must-see for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are, or what gender you are! That's the beauty of travel. Everyone loves to explore new places. It's just in our nature.

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With a never-ending list of stunning places to visit, this list wasn’t easy to compile. The 5 spots we’ve included is the stuff of dreams that you’ve read about in books and seen in movies. Get your lottery tickets and prepare your luggage! You’re about to experience gorgeous views and learn about ancient cultures.

1)The Great Wall of China

Great Wall Of China After Winning Mega Millions

This structure is one of the oldest pieces of history in the world. We had to include it in the top 5 list. The wall is 2000 years old, is more than 5000 miles long and makes up an integral part of China’s history. You can access the wall just 70 miles from Beijing. Walking along this wall will give you the opportunity to see the most beautiful parts of the structure and pristine surroundings.

Historians have dated this wall back to the late 700s B.C and was built using the labour of slaves and prisoners who carried heavy slabs of stone on their backs up the ridge line. Due to this magnificent piece of history, it’s always filled with tourists. Up to 10 million people visit it each year, so we advise you to go during the week and stay clear of holidays if you want to enjoy the wall without seeing countless heads and loud voices.

2)The Louvre, France

The Louvre After Winning Mega Millions

Made famous by its priceless works of art within, this museum is definitely a must-see when you’re in France. It is home to the most influential and symbolic works of art in the history of our world.

You can expect to see works by Picasso and Monet all the way to the stunning Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. You have to see all these world-famous pieces first hand because “no photograph or website has the same impact as standing dwarfed before the myriad intricacies of the art in the Louvre,” according to a writer for the Smithsonian magazine.

Interestingly enough, the museum used to be a medieval fortress which was opened as a museum to the French public in 1793 by the revolutionary government. Today, it is the most visited museum in the world. It has more than 8 million visitors a year.

You could get lost in there if you aren’t careful, too! It’s sprawling 65,000 square size means that although there are many works of art that are a must-see, there are also collections that you shouldn’t waste your valuable time trying to find. It’s best to just focus on a few key pieces, but also go above the obvious ones. Take a guided tour and do some research before you leap into action.

3)Venice, Italy

Venice After Winning Mega Millions

The enchanting city of Venice is made up of 118 small islands connected by canals. There are dozens of reasons to visit Venice, but we have one good reason as to why it should make your bucket list…

It may not be around forever! That’s right. Venice is sitting on a countdown. Due to geographical shifts, the city is sinking at a rapid rate. By rapid rate, we mean by two and a half inches per decade…but it’s a reality! The abundance of waterways means a watery demise for this cultural wonderland. It could even happen by the end of the century.

Don’t let this scary fact trouble you. Just get there as soon as you can! Once you’re there you’ll be swept away with the romantic atmosphere, the Renaissance architecture, magnificent views and tiny streets alongside the gondolas on the waterways. Once in Venice, be sure to also visit the Grand Canal which is the city’s main canal. The French King Charles VIII said that in his opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful streets in the world! Even after all these years, most people still agree.

4)The Great Pyramid of Giza

Pyramid Of Giza After Winning Mega Millions

This has been labelled as one of the most incredible man-made structures ever built. You have to give the Egyptians credit for taking on such a monumental task and succeeding when there was no technology or machinery to help them lift those heavy loads in the past.

The pyramid rises from the banks of the Nile River and sets a magic backdrop for the otherwise plain and barren landscape. The exact date for when it was built is still unknown, but historians estimate that it is over 4,500 years old. It was built during the reign of the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Khufu and stands 450 feet tall.

It is made up of millions of limestone blocks weighing an average of two tonnes! Historians say that it took the labour of more than 2000 men to build it and the surrounding pyramids. It’s easy to get to them because you can just hop in a taxi from Cairo or take a camel ride if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Be sure to barter with the merchant to get the best price possible otherwise he will overcharge you!

5)The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon After Winning Mega Millions

They don’t call it the “Grand” Canyon for nothing. It really is one of the grandest sights you’ll ever see in your life. Humbling, in fact! The great thing about this adventure is that it also won’t cost you a lot to visit.

The canyon stretches more than 288 miles along the Colorado River in Arizona. A Canyon, also known as a gorge, is spectacular to witness because the whole thing is made by nature. For the brave tourists, you can enjoy a thrilling walk across the glass-bottom Skywalk which allows you to see 4000 feet below you into the River. Lake Powell nearby is also a gem if you’re into fishing and hiking.

So many life-changing destinations await you, and you don’t have two lifetimes to see them all! If you dream of having so much money that travelling anywhere in the world will be pocket change for you, then buy your lottery tickets online today!

Not many things in life offer you the chance to become insanely rich overnight…except for a jackpot win! Play your lucky numbers for the next Mega Millions draw on!

Mega Millions could be taking you to all these places, so take action now!

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