International Lotto Winner Claims $24M Prize Just In Time

A mystery New York Lotto winner won a life-changing jackpot of $24.1 million and they collected it just two days before the cut off time! It’s always great news to hear that winners come forward to collect their prizes in time, even if it’s extremely close to the deadline. It would be such a pity to waste an incredible opportunity on something like forgetting where your ticket is, or forgetting whether you entered the draw at all. 

Like many huge international lotto wins, we still don’t know exactly who the winner is in this story because the New York Lottery hasn’t revealed that bit of information. This has left the public with extreme curiosity and an air of mystery surrounding this story. Locals are desperately trying to find out who the lucky winner is. It’s a good thing the New York Lottery sent out reminders for the winner, encouraging them to come forward and claim their winnings because the prize was set to expire on the 25th of May this year. 

Although we don’t know exactly who this lucky winner is, we do have some information about what transpired from the time of the win until the collection of the prize itself. The winner said that they saw the news coverage about the looming deadline for the winnings and it was that which prompted them to start looking everywhere for their New York Lotto ticket at home. 

A similar thing happened to a EuroMillions lottery winner from Ireland who ended up claiming their prize just hours before the deadline had passed. According to New York Lottery officials, the winner found their lucky ticket amongst a pile of old lottery slips almost an entire year after it was first purchased from Renu Corp Grocery & Tobacco in Tribeca. 

New York International Lottery Win

The New York Lottery has had many heart-warming success stories in the past like a scratch card winner who won $5 million on their birthday. 

The winner claimed their massive prize at the New York Lottery Customer Service Department in downtown Manhattan. Their identity will be revealed after all security checks have been completed and the winnings have been finalised for the lucky player. 

The store owner of the shop where the winning ticket was bought said that he had no idea who the winner could have been because he has many customers all day every day. “The people from the lottery called me yesterday at 4 pm and told me someone came in with the winning ticket. But they wouldn’t tell me who that was,” explained the store owner, Bobby Patel. 

This isn’t the first time that one of Bobby’s customers has gotten lucky with the lottery. He said that he’s sold a few winning tickets before, but this is the largest jackpot sale by far. He told the lottery officials that he hopes the winner is someone he knows. “I hope it’s one of my regular customers. Then he can come back and give me some of that $24 million!” joked Bobby. 

Unfortunately, unlike the Mega Millions or Powerball lottery, the store that sold the winning New York Lottery tickets won’t receive a bonus, so Bobby Patel can only hope for a little luck himself. Maybe the winner will kindly donate something to his store for helping him buy the winning ticket? Who knows? 

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