Pub Owners Become EuroMillions Lotto Winners

Two pub landlords in England are now super-wealthy thanks to a lucky EuroMillions lotto win to the value of £1 million! The couple said they’ve had a “bonkers week” and don’t think that their excitement over this life-changing event will ever fade away. 

The EuroMillions winners, Nick and Zoe Hoare, own the White Horse pub in Quidhampton, near Salisbury in Wiltshire, England. Their ticket matched the Millionaire maker code in the draw that took place on the 9th of May this year. 

The winning couple has been running their pub for almost three years and said that their win “still hasn’t sunk in.” “It’s crazy, it’s been an absolutely bonkers week,” added Zoe. Their EuroMillions win is the latest big one to have happened in Wiltshire after Ruth and Peter Doyle won their £1 million prize. 

EuroMillions lottery winners

Their EuroMillions ticket was no ordinary one, however. They won their fortune on a lucky dip ticket that they bought from Waitrose in Salisbury. According to the winners, if it wasn’t for the carpets in their pub, they may have never become millionaires! 

A week before their big win, they had a day off and decided to hire a rug cleaner to clean the carpets in their pub. The next day when they went to collect them, they decided to stop off in Waitrose to buy lottery tickets. “Who knew cleaning could be so lucrative,” joked Nick. After purchasing the ticket, he put it safely in his wallet and “thought no more of it.” 

It wasn’t only until Wednesday that the couple found out that their ticket was a winner. They had just come back from their lunchtime shift and were working in their office making preparations for the upcoming beer festival. Zoe was checking some orders when she heard her husband suddenly gasp. Her heart started racing because she thought something was wrong at first. 

Nick gasped because he had just seen the Millionaire Maker code matching the one that was for the May 9th draw. It’s a good thing he remembered to check the code because many people forget to do so and throw their tickets away that could potentially have been worth millions!

Zoe was sceptical because it all seemed too good to be true. She thought there might have been a mistake so she dialled the National Lottery. But it was no mistake. The National Lottery confirmed the couple’s EuroMillions lotto win. 

Nick and Zoe have been married for 11 years and are going to be working at their pub for another six months before deciding to quit and start focusing more on hiring someone else to manage it for them. “After that, it is just going to be the luxury time, catch our breath, have a break and have a holiday. We have got so many opportunities,” explained Zoe. Nick said, “It’s going to be hard to leave after working so hard on our venue, but it’s time for a break.” 

Congratulations to Nick and Zoe for staying in the game and coming out victorious. You could be the next big EuroMillions lotto winner! Tonight’s jackpot (23 May 2017) is for 116,000,000 Euro! 

Seeing that the most popular European lottery is in the spotlight right now, let's take a look at some interesting facts about the game:

- Chris and Colin Weir are the biggest EuroMillions jackpot winners in the UK. They won 161,653,000 GBP on the 12th of July 2011.

- Marion Richardson is the first ever UK EuroMillions jackpot winner. She won 16.7 million GBP on the 8th of April in 2004. 

- Since 2009, the game has made over 1,219 players millionaires with the UK Millionaire Maker code.

- 346 EuroMllions jackpots have been won since February 2004. 

- France, Spain and the UK have the most jackpot winners than any other participating country in the world. 

- The most frequently drawn EuroMillions numbers are 50-44-4-19-37. The most frequently drawn Lucky Stars are 8 and 2. 

The next big winner could be YOU! Remember that after an online lottery win, it's important to stay calm and first gather all your logical thoughts before going out on a shopping spree. The first thing you should do is contact a lawyer after your win has been confirmed. Next, you should seek advice from the top financial advisers in your country. 

They will help you look after your money, help it grow and invest it in the right places so you never have to go to work ever again. Your money will do all the work for you!

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now i want to win that amount, then my life will be change.

Posted by Zeljko (24/05/2017)

It is pity that this code is valid only in UK. Hope they will enjoy it....

Posted by Zeljko (24/05/2017)

It is pity that this code is valid only in UK. Hope they will enjoy it....

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