Oz Lotto Friends Win $1.111.111 Each

Ten years ago a few work mates from Newcastle formed a lottery syndicate to buy Oz Lotto tickets. They called themselves The Ten Tenors. The group have been playing the Oz Lotto ever since. Now a decade later The Ten Tenors patience has finally paid off.

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Even though some of the group’s members have retired, they still belong to the lottery syndicate. The members are in their 50s and 60s and have been buying tickets together for over a decade.

A few group members came close to leaving the syndicate earlier this year, but decided to keep playing because of the fear of missing out if the others hit the jackpot. It eventually paid off, and they all erupted into cheers after hearing the good news.

“The Ten Tenors is a name we came up with at the time because originally there were ten of us in it, and most of us stuck with it. But I don’t think you’d really want to hear me sing!” joked one of the winners.

They’ve also got the act together and have created an Excel spreadsheet in order to track each member’s monthly contributions.
Their commitment and studios effort finally paid off when they hit a staggering $10.000.000 jackpot.

The winning Oz Lotto numbers that bagged them the jackpot are 2, 17, 26, 27, 33, 37 and 42 in Australia’s Oz Lotto draw on February 28th. The group bought their lucky Oz Lotto ticket from the Georgetown News agency.

They will receive $1.111.111 each, and use this money to pay off their debts and help their families.

111 is a sure sign of a golden opportunity just waiting to happen. Let this numerical coincidence guide your lucky numbers to win a HUGE lotto prize and make you a multi-multi-millionaire of note.

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Team up with your work buddies and try scooping millions together – a life-changing $123 million US Powerball windfall awaits this Wednesday!
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Best of luck!
The Team

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Posted by Thinh (15/03/2017)

Thanks The Team for the info!

Posted by Thinh (16/03/2017)

"111 is a sure sign of a golden opportunity just waiting to happen" ----> will try!

Posted by Krishnan (16/03/2017)

HL also should introduce syndicates so that chances of winning a Jackpot are multiplied.

Posted by Zeljko (16/03/2017)

This is a great news. And syndicates are really increasing possibility to win jackpots, you can play more with less money.....

Posted by Julian (16/03/2017)

yes i will go for it Hiiiiiiiiiiiii

Posted by PRADIP (18/03/2017)

coming thursday's OZ PB LOTTO JACKPOT, in my name !! Thanks, "GOD" !!

Posted by PRADIP (20/03/2017)

i never miss to buy OZ PB, because i want to win jackpot of it.

Posted by PRADIP (27/03/2017)

i , myself win next week oz pb jackpot.

Posted by Amandeep (16/06/2017)

11 is considered lucky in many traditional societies.