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It Is Time To Spot The Ball Again

We had so much fun last year with our Euro 2012 themed ‘Spot The Ball’ competition that we thought we would try it again. This time around, however, we have gone for a different game entirely, beach volleyball! Win £500.00 playing ‘Spot The Ball’ completely FREE with!

Meet The LottoPoints Snob

Meet Preston Wallace-Smyth, known as ‘Smiley’ to his friends but you can call him ‘The LottoPoints Snob.’ He hasn’t always been a LottoPoints snob. He used to be just a regular snob. Let’s review the tale of how Preston entered into the world of LottoPoints snobbery.

A New York State Of Mind is currently in a New York State of Mind. Why? Because a trip to New York City is one of the amazing prizes currently up for grabs in our “American Dream” competition. If a trip to the USA F1 Grand Prix or $10,000 cash isn’t to your liking, then make sure you choose the city that never sleeps – New York!