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A postcode worth £50,000 for lucky player

It seems that this week’s lottery winners were favoured in the age group of 60 years and over! Another terrific lottery win took place in West London after a Grandmother scooped a lovely amount of £50,000 with the People's Postcode Lottery. The lucky winner said she got the shock of her life when the person who surprised her with the win was former X Factor contestant, Danyl Johnson. Read further to find out more about what happened. 

Good Fortune for Connecticut couple

There is no way to say whether someone deserved their lottery win or not, but for this couple in particular, they really deserved their win, and the Goddess of Fortune can stand behind it. Read further if you want to learn about their miraculous win and all their newfound fortune in all senses of the word: a new hope, and a safe financial cushion to fall back onto for future rough times. 

Meet The Latest EuroMillions Winners

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen several lucky lottery players who have won staggering amounts of money on Europe’s popular lottery, the EuroMillions.  With so many online lottery websites, the EuroMillions lottery has become one of the favourite’s to participate in.  Let’s take a look at the latest EuroMillions winners, how they first realised they had won and what they plan to do with their huge lotto wins.

See Africa like never before

We all have to experience Africa in all its beauty and untamed wilderness at least once in our lives. It is an experience you will be telling friends and family about for years. It will always stay with you. It will open your eyes, enlighten you, and make you feel a serene peace that has been missing for quite some time. A wonderful lottery win could help you get to the splendours of luxury travel in the African wilderness, and transport you to another dimension of cultural beauty, pristine nature, and breath-taking wildlife. Read further to get inspired on some of the most luxurious dream trips in Africa you can experience after you’ve claimed your Jackpot prize.

The Majestic Monaco awaits you

The Formula 1 Grand Prix continues to be the most prestigious and mythic circuits in the world. It is presented as the ultimate challenge in testing international drivers’ skills for almost a century. Ever since the first run in 1929 a victory in Monaco has held more value and impression than any other. It is the jewel in any professional driver’s crown. All of the Greats have dreamt of and won this prize at least once a year. It is a country of mystery, exquisite wealth, luxury, and class. Read further to discover interesting facts about the city, famous movies that were filmed there, and about a beautiful South African swimmer who became the Princess of Monaco.