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How to Play El Gordo de Navidad
The El Gordo de Navidad is without a doubt the world’s biggest jackpot, at a mind-blowing €2.24 billion. This fantastic Spanish Raffle, known as the “Fat One” is back again and super-excited raffle buyers are once again ready to claim their share of the €2.24 billion prize-fund.
What is the El Gordo de Navidad Raffle?
Lottery games have been popular throughout the world for hundreds of years, but the popularity of specific lottery games has a tendency to wax and wane. One game, though, has stood the test of time: El Gordo De Navidad.
How does El Gordo de Navidad work?
The biggest event coming to online lottery players is just around the corner, with the El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, also known as Loteria de Navidad in Spanish (and the Navidad lottery and the Spanish Christmas lottery in English) just around the corner.

El Gordo de Navidad Raffle Winners

Refugee Amongst Huge El Gordo Christmas Win

Refugee Amongst Huge El Gordo Christmas Win

Champagne corks were popping all across Spain as the annual Christmas lottery (The El Gordo de Navidad) winning numbers were drawn. The El Gordo Christmas Raffle boasts the world's biggest total pay-out, a staggering €2.24bn in prizes.
El Gordo Spanish Christmas Raffle Winners Galore

El Gordo Spanish Christmas Raffle Winners Galore

The phenomenal £2.1 billion El Gordo lottery dwarfs every other lottery out there, and ticket holders all around the world are popping champagne corks galore with all the winning El Gordo Raffle numbers being announced. The build up to the annual draw once again saw excited El Gordo de Navidad players queue up for hours to make sure they bought their tickets from the “luckiest” vendors, where jackpots were hit before.