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Big 5 Bundles - Play the Biggest Lotteries in the World


What could be better than effortlessly entering into five of the biggest lotteries on the planet?

Our "Big 5 Bundles" lets you play five of the biggest lotteries in the world for a week, a month, three months, six months or a year with only ONE click! The longer you play for, the bigger your discount will be - up to a massive 22% discount!

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One Week play

1 x EuroJackpot
2 x EuroMillions
3 x SuperEnaMax
2 x USAMegaMillions
3 x USAPowerball

Discount : 10%

Four Week play

4 x EuroJackpot
8 x EuroMillions
12 x SuperEnaMax
8 x USAMegaMillions
12 x USAPowerball

Discount : 15%

Three Month play

13 x EuroJackpot
26 x EuroMillions
39 x SuperEnaMax
26 x USAMegaMillions
39 x USAPowerball

Discount : 17%

Six Month play

26 x EuroJackpot
52 x EuroMillions
78 x SuperEnaMax
52 x USAMegaMillions
78 x USAPowerball

Discount : 20%

One Year play

52 x EuroJackpot
104 x EuroMillions
156 x SuperEnaMax
104 x USAMegaMillions
156 x USAPowerball

Discount : 22%