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Welcome To is an online lottery platform offering entries into the biggest lottery jackpots from around the world. Our safe and secure services are available to lottery players from across the globe offering players constant opportunities to win millions and to live like a multimillionaire. To find out more about the exciting lotteries on offer please visit our lottery information page.

For over 20 years has been the trusted and most reliable lottery site for all of the world’s biggest lotteries. How can you be a part of the excitement?

- Register an account

- Pick your lucky numbers

- Fund your account 

- Wait for the winning numbers to be announced

It’s that simple - you’re entered into the biggest lotteries around the world.

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Our history is one that we take great pride in as it cements our place as the leader within our industry. It is also confirmation that we are the most trustworthy service provider of our kind.

What started in 1998 as an idea to assist people abroad with entering the UK National Lottery (at that time the richest European lottery) soon flourished into a fully-fledged business. With the demand identified, it was only a matter of months before our original website,, became the primary platform for playing and payments. In 2000/2001, the internet bubble burst and survived despite thousands of companies being left in tatters. Over 20 years later we continue to run our business committed to providing players with the best experience possible. Keeping our players as the most important part of our operation has allowed us to grow exponentially through word of mouth alone. We now offer entries into the top lottery jackpots from around the world and have many satisfied players from almost every country on the planet! 1999

Global Websites


With lottery sites in 10 languages and players able to choose from 14 different lotteries from across 4 continents, is truly a global lottery website.

Global Websites

Play and Game Options offers various play options from once-off, single entry purchases to bulk purchase options, quick pick and self-pick.

Quick Picks – play randomly selected numbers at the click of a button.

Bundle Play – purchase entries in multiple lotteries across a spanned time period.

Rapid Play – the easiest way to place spanned entries for your favourite lottery

Intelliplay – create your own rules to automatically enter you into lottery draws when certain criteria have been met

Competitions & Giveaways

As part of our ongoing rewards to all our players, we offer frequent competitions, promotions and giveaways. You can view a comprehensive list of the many exciting competitions we have run over the years on our competitions page.

From dream holidays in Monaco, Paris and Thailand to big-screen televisions, iPads or even cash money, at we offer players everything they need to live the dream.


Monaco Competition


We have a large assortment of payment methods available on our website. 

Extensive Information on payment, withdrawal of winnings and identity verification, can be found on our Payment Information Page.


Promotions & Loyalty

LottoPoints Reward Program offers one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs currently online. Players accumulate LottoPoints on every non-discounted cash purchase made. These points can then be redeemed for lottery tickets.

The more points you acquire the more preferable your rate of redemption will be. In other words, the more you play, the more free entries you earn.

A more comprehensive overview of the rewards program can be found on the LottoPoints page.


Promotions and Loyalty

Lottery Affiliate Program is the official lottery affiliate program for Our program offers exceptional revenue share commission along with comprehensive reporting and marketing tools. Join our affiliate program here.

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